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10 years ago the only people skipping were boxers and 9-year-old girls.

Now skipping is a staple conditioning tool for Crossfitters, martial artists, bodybuilders and fitness fans everywhere…and YOU  should join them.

We’ve put together this easy  reference to help you get started, learn the basics, and become a skipping beast.

Part 1 – Why skipping rocks

Skipping is a fantastic form of exercise for fitness, fat loss and conditioning. Perfect for boxing, MMA, and CrossfitLearn the benefits and how these transfer to any sport or fitness goal.

Part 2 – Getting started

Where, When, and How to get started skipping and start learning the basics of this awesome training tool

Part 3 – Advanced Skills, Drills and workouts

Women should skip as part of their exercise programme. Skipping is fantastic for weight loss, conditioning and getting fit!The best tips and tricks for perfecting your technique, nailing your double unders and putting together jump rope workouts.

Bonus Blog – Skipping for Fat Loss

Why skipping is the KO king of fat loss!

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July 17, 2017

I am new to skipping and would love to know more.

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