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The Ultimate Guide of Using the CrossFit Jump Rope

crossfit jump rope

Worried that long sitting hours have made you unhealthy? CrossFit is the perfect training exercise for you to improve your physical fitness and well-being. An uncomplicated high-intensity training workout can build strength and stamina, all with the help of a Beast Gear speed jump rope.

1. The benefits of Beast Gear speed rope jumping

Besides the benefits that it has for CrossFit, jumping rope is an excellent method for burning a lot of calories in a short time. Rope jumping with a Beast Gear speed rope simultaneously strengthens the upper and lower body and is highly recommended for improving your cardiovascular health. It builds stamina by training you how to breathe efficiently and improves your balance and coordination. Jumping rope with the Beast Gear speed rope also strengthens your bones by increasing bone density. It also helps you build speed and acceleration for your daily life.

2. What is a Beast Gear speed jump rope?

A simple tool for skipping or jumping, a jump rope is a length of rope attached to ergonomic handles that are swung to pass beneath the feet of the participant as he jumps and over his head when he lands on the ground. The speed jump rope is the Beast Gear’s take on the jump rope, tweaked to be the perfect tool for all your CrossFit endeavors. It is ultra-strong, durable, and flexible; making for faster and faster reps.

3. Beast Gear speed rope for Beginners

While jumping rope is a child’s game, it is better to know your way around one before you start. Just like Goldilocks, there is a perfect jump rope out there for your unique needs. First off, you need to understand that your CrossFit regimen shall depend on the purpose you wish to jump rope. For example, those who wish to lose weight use light-weighted ropes. These ropes are for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and their purpose is to leave you in sweats. To build muscles or weight training you’ll need heavy jump ropes with a little more weight on the rope.

So, if you have never jumped rope before, you will probably not want to make a huge investment at this point. However, it is ill-advised to buy the inexpensive plastic ropes available at your local department store. These ropes are very light so you won’t be able to feel the rope moving around you, therefore, not challenging you at all. We recommend a lightly weighted beast gear speed rope for beginners.

After picking the right type of beast gear speed rope, you will need to know how to use it correctly. Before you start, stretch out your hands a little way from your hips and make sure both your hands are equidistant from your body. Keep your feet close together, but not joined. Remember, the motion has to originate from your wrist; not your shoulder or elbows. Jump only one or two inches off the ground at the maximum and don’t tuck in your knees. Keep your toes pointed downwards and land softly on the balls of your feet. These little tips will make sure you enjoy yourself while the exercise burns away those extra pounds.

4. Size of the Beast Gear speed rope

While the weight for your rope is a pretty standard pick for beginners, the size of the jump rope varies from person to person depending on their height. Ropes come in four sizes, small (8’), medium (8’6”), large (9’), and extra-large (9’6”). The small size serves people who are 4’9” to 5’4” tall, medium serves 5’4.5” to 5’9”, large serves 5’9.5” to 6’1.5” and extra-large serves 6’2” to 6’9”.

5. Boost your speed with Beast Gear speed rope

You have found the correctly weighted and sized jump rope for you. You know the basics of how to properly use your jump rope. Now, you want to make the most of your purchase and the time you spend jumping your rope. The Beast gear speed rope is specifically designed to make your reps faster.

Once you have mastered the basic jumps with your Beast Gear speed rope, do different jumps to build speed. The alternating feet jump, performed by shifting your weight from one foot to the other as you jump, is one of the few jumps recommended to learn agility and speed. Jogging forwards while jumping rope is known as the running forward jump. The high knee jump works like your alternating feet jump except your knees have to bend so it is high enough to touch your chest. With each high knee jump, you shall try to make your knees go higher and attempt to get in more jumps at the same time.

The king of all jumps is the double under; the greatest jump to learn agility and endurance. As the name suggests, this jump is performed by passing the jump rope under your feet twice. This jump may not sound too complicated to do, but it needs precision that only comes with dedicated practice.

6. Beast Gear speed rope workout

The simplest Beast Gear speed rope work out for beginners is only ten minutes. You start with the basic jump for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, do the alternating feet jump for another 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

Once you get the hang of this beginners’ workout you can start with a workout a little more advanced. You can upgrade to a slightly heavier rope and replace the basic jump with high knee jumps. Start with the alternating feet jump for 60 seconds, mountain climber for 30 seconds, high knee jumps for 60 seconds, mountain climbers for 30 seconds, rest for 120 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Jumping rope combined with the Beast Gear speed rope is the perfect CrossFit exercise. It aims to keep you active as you embark on your journey to fitness and health in the most fun way possible. With this comprehensive guide for jumping rope, you can put away your worries and pick up your Beast Gear speed rope and head off for your next CrossFit session.

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