What happens when you stop working out? Your Questions Answered.

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Most trainers and medical professionals will tell you that there is a certain amount of cardio and strength training you need in order to have a healthy body. Most people do not adhere to the suggestions, others take it to heart and break out their Beast Gear cardio ropes and squat gear.

Working out can increase oxygen in the blood, increase mental health, and even help you sleep better at night, among other benefits. What if you take a few days off? Can it affect the work you have already done?

What happens when you stop working out?

Most people gear up to get fit, start a routine, and somehow lose motivation quickly within the few months that follow. Establishing and committing to a workout routine is hard, but what happens when you quit is depressing.

You've gotten to where you can lift your goal weight or run that 5k in the amount of time you desire. Sure, you deserve to take a break, in fact, rest days are required to increase your strength and allow your muscles to recover! However, that one day became two, then a week, then a month later you lost your routine completely!

When you began working out you spaced the days to gain muscle and build endurance. Rest days increased your strength and stamina. When you stop working out, everything starts reversing. You will see:

  • 1-2 days- great for your muscles and recovery
  • 7 days- you have allowed your muscles to weaken slightly and fat cells to regrow
  • 30 days- your well on your way to being back to where you were before you started.

It is better to be lightly active during rest days than to lounge around and let your hard work waste. Not only that, but you will still need to keep a close eye on your diet to prevent excess calories from ruining your workout's efforts.

Is one rest day enough?

In the beginning, you will want to alternate upper body with lower body, allowing each muscle group to rest for a day before you stress them again. After you become more advanced, you can do whole-body workouts daily, pushing yourself to the goal. Remember though, the harder you push, the more your muscles will need to recover.

One day of rest, especially after a highly stressful workout day is enough to help your muscles rebuild and become stronger. Longer than that and you could begin to lose what you worked hard to gain.

Is working out 7 days a week too much?

Working out every day can be too much, but it depends on how you are working out. You can work a different muscle group each day, then the whole body, and light cardio and have a varied enough routine that every group gets a day to recover. However, if you're pushing to the max every day, every muscle group, you could be doing too much.

Stressed muscled that don't have time to recover become weaker. Each workout produces small tears in the muscles. Resting the muscle allows the tears to be repaired and the muscle to grow. Pushing too hard every day can prevent the muscle from repairing adequately leading to injuries from weakened muscles. Variation is the key to working out daily.

Will I gain weight if I stop exercising for a week?

Weight gain comes from the increase in the size of muscle and fat cells. Some people will see an increase in weight after they begin a workout routine as the muscles grow. After stopping the routine, even for a week, you will see those muscle cells shrink back down some.

As the muscles shrink, the fat cells are allowed to grow. You may see a slight increase in weight after a week of being off your workout routine, especially if you also took off time from your diet. You also may feel more bloated and tired than you did the week before. The weight should only be a few pounds at most and can be quickly lost once your routine is resumed.

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