Workout From Home Conditioning Pack

Speed Rope Selection
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Add some beast to your training with our Conditioning Pack featuring...

  • Your choice of Speed Rope -The Beast Rope or the Beast Rope Pro. Generate excessive speed for conditioning, fat loss and Crossfit
  • Beast Gear Core Sliders -  the undisputed champion of functional core training

The Conditioning Pack gives you the solid foundation on which to unleash your inner Beast.

Beast Rope / Beast Rope Pro

Beast Gear are the speed rope experts. Choose the original Beast Rope or the Beast Rope Pro.

The Beast Rope offers the speed, reliability and efficiency to skip easily, consistently and confidently! This is the best selling speed rope in the UK.

Upgrade to the Beast Rope Pro  - with advanced doubleball bearing technology, a thicker cable for more momentum and cutting-edge adjustment system.

Skip faster, harder for longer - the Beast Rope Pro is perfect for beginners or experienced skippers. For fast, intense, efficient workouts. Smash your double unders record and take your skipping to the next level.

Core Sliders

Grab your core sliders and train the core the right way!

Build a solid core, ripped abs and chiseled obliques without doing endless sit-ups!? Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to build the core strength you need to support your sports and everyday activities without boring and pointless crunches....

Core sliders intensely work the deep abdominals. Sit ups are bad for your back. Fact. Get chiselled abs the functional way!

Use anywhere

The Conditioning Pack fits easily in your gym bag or luggage for use at home, in the gym, or in a hotel.

Endless exercise combinations

Use the Conditioning Pack to create highly effective total body conditioning workouts.

How about this  - as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes: 

  • 10 double unders (or 30 single skips)
  • 10 mountain sliders
  • 10 slider press ups
  • 10 slider lunges

The Conditioning Pack is the missing piece to getting your training on track.

Grab yours, train anywhere, and Be More Beast!


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