Beast Rope

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The Original Beast Rope

What if you could skip easily, consistently and confidently? Imagine blasting through your double unders personal best and skipping like a pro-boxer or Crossfitter!

Well stop dreaming - because now you can!

We were fed up with run-of-the-mill skipping ropes and decided to do something about it. So we created the Beast Rope - the fastest, smoothest, most efficient  speed rope on the planet.

With the Beast Rope you will skip faster, harder for longer.

We developed the Beast Rope to help you beat your WOD times, get in better condition, lose fat and to absolutely beast the intensity of your workouts.

This truly is the missing piece to getting your double unders and jump rope training absolutely spot on.

In this video, coach Jade Fadlen demonstrates the smooth, fast motion of the Beast Rope.

What makes the Beast Rope the best?

Advanced high speed technology

Unlike plastic or leather skipping ropes, the high quality materials and cutting edge technology in the Beast Rope produce excessive speed, and ultra precise rotations. 

With a 360° handle and ball-bearing mechanism for fast, smooth, efficient rotations. You can reach your peak potential, and become a Double Under Beast.

Lightweight, Strong and Durable

The Beast Rope is perfectly weighted for maximum efficiency, yet is strong like a beast - so you can rely on it again, and again, and again.

Even better - it's strong like a beast - with a steel cable - this bad boy is solid, so it will keep going with you during the hardest workouts.

Fully adjustable

Unlike standard skipping ropes, the Beast Rope is fully adjustable up to 2.8 m long. Anyone can use it - you, your gym buddy, or a personal training client. Adjusted and secured in seconds with our super strong mechanism. 

Stylish and Handy Storage Bag

Comes with a stylish bag so you can take it to the gym tangle-free, or take it with you in your luggage.

Used by top athletes

The Beast Rope is used and trusted by professional athletes, coaches and personal trainers. Just take a look at our training partners including WBO Intercontinental Boxing Champion Ben 'Duracell' Jones and all the athletes at Assassin Boxing who have been loving the Beast Rope for their pre-fight conditioning.