Beast Sleeves


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How would it feel to lift more weight & smash your PB?

Well, with Beast Sleeves it would feel like your knees are being hugged by the world’s cutest koala.

^ imagine squatting with a couple of these dudes strapped to each knee. Boom.

Beast Sleeves provide professional grade compression knee support for weightlifting, running, jumping, Crossfit, squats etc. We've improved on ordinary knee sleeves with our Tech-Weave construction for maximum breathability.


  • Sold as a pair
  • Reversible Technology - wear them your way - red or black!
  • BG Tech-Blend Neoprene compresses to speed recovery & rejuvenation.
  • BG Tech-Stitching -  stronger, longer lasting sleeves. Stands up to heavy loads
  • 5 mm thickness - the perfect mix of support & movement.

Fit Guide:

Size S M L XL
Standard Fit 30CM - 33CM 33CM - 35CM 35CM - 37CM 37CM - 40CM
Tight Fit 33CM - 35CM 35CM - 37CM 37CM - 40CM 40CM - 43CM

How to Size: Measure circumference of leg 6" (15 cm) below the kneecap

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Q: When to use them?

A: Any exercise requiring extra support. Cleans, snatch, deadlift, squat, box jumps, running, hiking...

Q: Are 5 mm sleeves thick enough?

A: Yes! Beast Sleeves offer the optimum mix of support & mobility

Q: How do they work?

A: Beast Sleeves provide support, warmth & compression to increase blood flow & support the knee joint muscles & tendons

Q: Are they for men or women?

A: Both! We've tested them with male & female athletes


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