Core Sliders

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Core Sliders - The Ultimate Core Training Kit

How cool would it be if you could build a solid core, ripped abs and chiseled obliques without doing endless sit-ups!? Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to build the core strength you need to support your sports and everyday activities without boring and pointless crunches....

You can!

Core Sliders by BEASTGEAR are the new lightweight, portable and robust tool you need to build a rock solid core for life. These bad boys fit easily in your gym bag or luggage for use at home, in the gym, or in a hotel.

Everyone needs a strong core. To support your athletic goals, to train harder, faster and injury free - you have to have a solid foundation.

And the bonus? A ripped, chiseled 6- pack ;) And who doesn't want that!? 

In this video, coach Jade Fadlen demonstrates a full body workout with our Core Sliders.

We love them most for adding a core training component to any training programme. We're using them to tag core training onto Olympic weightlifting, rock climbing, OCR racing, running, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu specific programmes. Our guys are seeing tremendous results when they ditch the traditional sit-ups, and train the core the right way.

Build functional core strength and 6 pack abs

Core sliders intensely  work the deep abdominals. Sit ups are bad for your back. Fact. Get chiselled abs the functional way!

Use anywhere

Double-sided for ultimate versatility, BEASTGEAR Core Sliders work on carpets, or hard wood floors. So you can use them at home, in the gym or even in your hotel room.

Endless exercise combinations

You can perform a huge range of exercises to target the abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, lats, chest, triceps…pretty much the whole body.

Keep your body guessing with endless combinations and options for core training. No need to do the same routine of sit-ups each session – make your core work with functional exercises that train your core the way the core should be trained.

Trusted by elite athletes

We have partnered with Assassin Promotions – the elite boxing stable, with boxers including WBO Intercontinental Champion Ben ‘Duracell’ Jones. These guys NEED to use the best and that’s why they choose BEASTGEAR.

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