Advanced Boxing Knuckle Guards

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  • Using Beast Gear Knuckle Guards is kind of like cheating. It’s pretty much equivalent to putting kryptonite (whatever that is…) in your gloves.

    Which is clearly why you need them. While everyone else is sore from hitting the heavy bag, your knuckles are fresh and ready to drop bombs.

    Hit hard, train longer…smash your opponent’s face in*

    Kind of like cheating.


    Your hands need extra protection, even under boxing gloves and hand wraps. If you injure your hands, it’s game over! Beast Gear Advanced Knuckle Guards will give additional protection for your knuckles, fingers, and hands, to help avoid injuries. Slip them on over your knuckles and wrap your Beast Gear Advanced Hand Wraps over the top. Sorted.

    Beast Gear’s Knuckle Guards stand-out from the crowd of cheap, generic foam rubbish. We’ve carefully crafted these with our pro-boxer partners to bring premium knuckle protection to the people. Featuring our BG Tech Inner Gel Padding, Tech-Blend fabric, Tech-Weave manufacturing, and Tech Stitching – our knuckle guards will knock you out*

    *not literally, that would be a disaster.

    • 5 cm x 8.5 cm x 1 cm thick – optimum size and shape to protect the knuckles.
    • Slip-on design – for quick and easy preparation
    • Beast Gear Tech industrial strength heavy duty stitching – for stronger, more robust
    • BG Tech Gel Padding (not foam) – for unbeatable protection.
    • BG Tech-Blend fabric and Tech-Weave manufacturing – for hard wearing, long lasting kit.
  • Q: Are the guards easy to use?

    A: Yes – slip them on and then wrap your hand wraps over the top. Comes with pdf instructions

    Q: Are your knuckle guards vegan?

    A: Yup - 100% vegan-friendly!

    Q: Are they sold as a pair?

    A: Yes!

    Q: What are the dimensions?

    A: 10.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 1 cm thick

    Q: When should I use them?

    A: For all punching activities: punch bag, focus pads, speedball & sparring.

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