Advanced Inner Boxing Gloves / Gel Mitts

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  • Be honest, sometimes you can’t be bothered wrapping your hands before training.

    Oh? Just me then. Awkward

    Oh yes, sure I always wrap my hands before training

    Well, never mind – I invite you to be lazy! Use Beast Gear Advanced Gel Mitts! Protect your knuckles, and wrap your hands, without messing around with hand wraps.


    You may have seen other ‘quick wraps’ on the market. Well, they are mostly useless.

    Why? Two reasons:

    1. The padding doesn’t come down over your knuckles, it sits on the back of your fist. Totally pointless
    2. The padding is made of cheap foam. Rubbish.

    Ours are the total opposite of this. We’ve designed the Beast of quick wraps. Good enough for you? Click ‘Add to Cart’.

    Want to know more? Read on…

    • Superior BG design – optimum size and shape to protect the knuckles (unlike generic quick wraps).
    • Slip on design – for quick and easy preparation
    • Beast Gear Tech industrial strength heavy duty stitching – for stronger, more robust
    • BG Tech Gel Padding (not foam) – for unbeatable protection.
    • BG Tech-Blend fabric and Tech-Weave manufacturing – for hardwearing, long lasting kit.
  • Q: Are the Gel Mitts easy to use?
    A: Yes - just slip them onto your hands!

    Q: Are your Gel Mitts vegan?
    A: Yup - 100% vegan friendly! 

    Q: Are the Gel Mitts sold as a pair?
    A: Yes! 

    Q: When should I use them?
    A: For all punching activities: punch bag, focus pads, speedball & sparring.

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