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  • Wearing the Beast Gear PowerBelt is like being the heavyweight champion of the world. You’ve got THE belt. You are THE shi!t. You can strut around the gym like a boss because, frankly - you are one.

    ^The Beast Gear PowerBelt is guaranteed* to make you as badass as Steve Austin.

    Our PowerBelt is hand-crafted with passion and care. It’s not designed to compete among the bog-standard mass-produced belts. This is a stronger, longer lasting belt for serious Beasts.

    The PowerBelt is distinguished by it’s premium all-natural materials and the painstaking manufacturing process. Our belts retain the natural characteristics of the leather & do not compromise on the intrinsic strength of the materials. We trust our belts everyday in training, and so can you.


    • 4" wide by 10mm thick – for extra support
    • 100% genuine nubuck leather – Beast Gear source only the finest materials
    • Double-prong roller buckle – advanced security, easily adjusted
    • Stainless steel screw-in rivets and buckle – more secure than standard rivets & buckles
    • Beast Gear Tech Industrial strength heavy duty stitching – for stronger, more robust kit.
    • Federation Compliant
    • *Possibly not ;)
  • Beast Gear belts are designed to be worn tight around the waist.

    Use a tape measure to size your waist (the area between your ribs and hips).
    Pull tape measure tight across the belly button for best measurement.
    The more secure the belt, the more support and stabilization it provides.

    Size S M L XL
    Measurement 25" - 34" 29" - 38" 33" - 42" 37" - 46"
  • Q: Do I need a weightlifting belt?

    A: When lifting heavy – Yes. Beast Gear belts can keep your back in a safe and supported position.

    Q: How does the weight lifting belt work?

    A: By increasing core stabilisation and transferring power to the prime mover muscles.

    Q: What should I look for when buying a belt?

    A: A sturdy, leather belt with strong buckle, rivets and stitching. Avoid cheap, unsafe belts.

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