Weight Lifting Straps

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  • Lift More Weight - Smash Your PB

    Overcome weak forearms or grip strength with Beast Gear Advanced Weightlifting Wrist Straps.

    We've improved ordinary lifting straps. Our barbell straps use the strongest cotton, most advanced stitching & our advanced injected gel grips to take your lifting to the next level.

    Strengthen your weakest link

    Support the smaller hand, wrist & forearm muscles which fatigue first!

  • Why Beast Gear?

    • We've sourced the BEST materials:
    • Premium cotton: stronger, longer lasting straps
    • Tighter stitching: stands up to heavy loads
    • Thicker neoprene: enhanced wrist comfort
    • Longer straps (60 cm) for standard or Olympic barbells, pull-up bars or dumbbells.
    • Advanced Gel Grips - for vice-like grip

    Why Is Beast Gear More Expensive?

    Other brands have crazy claims & crazy low prices. It's too good to be true!

    With the best materials, best tools, & best service, naturally, our kit costs a bit more. We won't compromise on quality, and we bring our kit to you at a fair price. The choice is yours ;)

  • FAQs

    Q: Can I use my straps with weight lifting gloves?

    A: Sure, but we prefer without gloves.


    Q: Can I use chalk with my straps?

    A: Yes, but there is no need!


    Q: Are leather straps are better than cotton?

    A: Nope, cotton straps are stronger and allow us to inject our gel grips. They're vegan friendly too!


    Q: Which exercise can I use my straps with?

    A: We love them for barbell rows, deadlifting, weighted pull-ups, shrugs & dumbbell squats.


    Q: Should the Gel Grips face the bar, or my hands?

    A: Either! We suggest that the gel grips face your hands.

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