Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

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  • Lift More, Recover Better - Smash Your Goals?

    Use Beast Gear's advanced heavy duty wrist wraps to support your wrists, reduce injury risk & encourage recovery!

    The wrists are involved in almost all exercises. From push-ups & dips to bench, press, snatch & jerk! Our wrists wraps support your goals, whether it's heavy lifting or even gymnastics.

    Support Your Weakest Link

    Wrist joints need extra support to keep up with bigger chest, back, leg & upper arm muscles.

  • Beast Gear Wrist Wraps Will:

    ✓ Support your wrists, hands & forearms to give you extra confidence & stability

    ✓ Reduce wrist fatigue - so you can get more work done!

    ✓ Fit with complete comfort - soft yet strong & flexible construction means you can lift in comfort

    ✓ Fasten securely -super strong Velcro & fastening loop stays tight during your workout.

    ✓ Fit anyone -extra-long wraps to fit anyone - male or female, big or small!

    It's not just powerlifters who love our wrist wraps. Our athletes use them for MMA, boxing, gymnastics & kettlebell workouts too!


  • FAQs

    Q: Which exercises require wrist wraps?

    A: Anything that benefits from wrist support - dips, bench, shoulder press, snatch, jerk, overhead squat etc.

    Q: Are your wrists wraps vegan?

    A: Absolutely - 100% vegan friendly!

    Q: Are the wrist wraps sold as a pair?

    A: Yes!

    Q: What are the dimensions?

    A: 20" long & 3" wide

    Q: Can I wear weightlifting gloves?

    A: Absolutely you can wear gloves

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