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Advanced Boxing Hand Wraps

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What if you could hit harder & train for longer without injuring your hands?

Use Beast Gear's advanced boxing hand wraps to protect your knuckles, fingers, wrists, bones, tendons & muscles. Reduce injury risk & strike harder!

Protect Your Hands!

The hands need extra protection, even under boxing gloves or bag mitts.

It's vital to protect the hands during combat workouts, sparring & fights. If you injure your hands, it’s game over! Protect them from heavy blows associated with intense combat training!

Beast Gear Hand Wraps Will:

✓ Protect your hands, fingers & knuckles to give you extra confidence & security. Avoid ‘boxers fracture’ & metacarpal injuries.

✓ Reduce hand fatigue - so you can punch harder & train more!

✓ Fit with complete comfort - soft yet strong & flexible construction does not restrict blood flow.

✓ Fasten securely - super strong Velcro & fastening loop stays tight during training!

✓ Fit anyone - extra-long 4.5-meter wraps will fit anyone - big or small!

It's not just boxers who love our hand wraps. Our athletes use them for MMA, Muay Thai & kickboxing!

Why Is Beast Gear More Expensive?

At Beast Gear we make the BEST kit that we use in our own training. We use the highest quality materials, most advanced manufacturing & offer unrivaled customer service - this naturally makes our kit slightly more expensive than inferior brands. The choice is yours ;)


Q: Are the wraps easy to use?

A: Yes – they come with fastening loop, extra strong Velcro & pdf instructions

Q: Are your hand wraps vegan?

A: Yup - 100% vegan friendly!

Q: Are the wraps sold as a pair?

A: Yes!

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 4.5 m long & 5 cm wide

Q: When should I use them?

A: For all punching activities: punch bag, focus pads, speed ball & sparring.