Training Partner Harry 'Lion Heart' Basran

HarryB who is also known as "Lion Heart" for his courage & strong heart in the ring, has fought through many hurdles in life to get to where he is now.

After undergoing 23 surgeries he got himself into shape by taking on boxing & joined a boxing club in Brixton to help him become who he is today.

Also being the first Asian Singh to step in to ring & go pro, he is trying to set an example to the younger generation to show them any thing is possible.

He boxes to make a difference & with every fight raises money for people in need, he uses boxing as his way of giving back.

Harry uses Beast Gear products to help him reach his goals and fulfill his potential in the ring.

"To fight hard in the ring, I need to be in top shape - Beast Gear's kit helps me to stay on track in the gym"

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