Advanced Inner Boxing Gloves / Gel Mitts


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What if you could hit harder & train for longer without injuring your hands?

Use Beast Gear's Advanced Gel Mitts to protect your knuckles, fingers, bones, tendons & muscles. Reduce injury risk & strike harder!

Protect Your Hands!

The hands need extra protection, even under boxing gloves

It's vital to protect the hands during combat workouts, sparring & fights. If you injure your hands, it's game over! Protect them from heavy blows associated with intense combat training!

Beast Gear Gel Mitts Will:

✓ Protect your hands, fingers & knuckles to give you extra confidence & security. Avoid 'boxers fracture' & metacarpal injuries.

✓ Reduce hand fatigue - so you can punch harder & train more!

✓ Fit with complete comfort - soft yet strong & flexible construction does not restrict blood flow.

✓ Fasten securely - super strong Velcro & fastening strap stays tight during training!

✓ Stay strong - Beast Gear Tech stitching techniques and advanced blends of materials mean our kit stays stronger for longer, unlike poor quality flimsy products.

It's not just boxers who love our Gel Mitts. Our athletes use them for MMA, Muay Thai & kickboxing!

Why Is Beast Gear More Expensive?

At Beast Gear we make the BEST kit that we use in our own training. We use the highest quality materials, most advanced manufacturing & offer unrivalled customer service - this naturally makes our kit slightly more expensive than inferior brands. The choice is yours ;)


Q: Are the Gel Mitts easy to use?

A: Yes - just slip them onto your hands!


Q: Are your Gel Mitts vegan?

A: Yup - 100% vegan friendly!


Q: Are the Gel Mitts sold as a pair?

A: Yes!


Q: When should I use them?

A: For all punching activities: punch bag, focus pads, speedball & sparring.