Wraps & Straps Pack

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It's time to wrap up, strap in and lift like a Beast with the wraps and straps pack featuring...

  • Beast Gear Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps
  • Beast Gear Advanced Lifting Straps

The wraps and straps pack includes everything you need to Be More Beast!

Wrist Wraps

Use Beast Gear's advanced heavy duty wrist wraps to support your wrists, reduce injury risk & encourage recovery!

The wrists are involved in almost all exercises. From push-ups & dips to bench, press, snatch & jerk! Our wrists wraps support your goals, whether it's heavy lifting or even gymnastics.

We designed our wraps after months of meticulous testing, and found the optimum blend of stability and flexibility.

These are truly the king of wrapsspecifically developed to offer sturdy, flexible support so you can concentrate on what matters – smashing your lifts.

Beast Gear Wrist Wraps Will:

✓ Support your wrists, hands & forearms to give you extra confidence & stability

✓ Reduce wrist fatigue - so you can get more work done!

✓ Fit with complete comfort - soft yet strong & flexible construction means you can lift in comfort

✓ Fasten securely -super strong Velcro & fastening loop stays tight during your workout.

✓ Fit anyone -extra-long wraps to fit anyone - male or female, big or small!

Lifting Straps

Overcome weak forearms or grip strength with Beast Gear Advanced Weightlifting Wrist Straps.

We've improved ordinary lifting straps. Our barbell straps use the strongest cotton, most advanced stitching & our advanced injected gel grips to take your lifting to the next level.

We've found the optimum length and width of strap for more surface area contact with the bar, allowing a greater potential to create torque and tension.

Beast Gear Lifting Straps feature:

  • Premium cotton: stronger, longer lasting straps
  • Tighter stitching: stands up to heavy loads
  • Thicker neoprene: enhanced wrist comfort
  • Longer straps (60 cm) for standard or Olympic barbells, pull-up bars or dumbbells.
  • Advanced Gel Grips - for vice-like grip

Grab the Wraps & Straps Pack and appreciate the strength gains that these simple but genius pieces of equipment will give you.