Three Hacks To Beast Your Deadlift

Three Hacks To Beast Your Deadlift

Want to fix your deadlift ASAP? 

I love deadlifts. But I hate seeing deadlifts being performed incorrectly. 

Normally, I’m not the kind of man who looks for quick solutions. But when it comes to the deadlift, there are minor changes you can make that will yield you some pretty big rewards. 

In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at 3 difference-makers that will help you beast your deadlift without having to resort to making major adjustments.

Correct Your Stance 

Many beginners have the wrong stance and this can derail your deadlift big-time. The problem is that many newbies go too wide and their arms are forced out too wide. Moreover, their knees are too inward. 

Others, meanwhile, make the mistake of being too narrow. This stance means your hips simply don’t have the room to flex your glutes. 

Of course, there’s no magic bullet to stance width because we’re all of different shapes and sizes, but I’d definitely suggest taking a look at your current stance to see if you can make small improvements. 

For example, try placing your feet right underneath your hips. Another trick is to jump naturally in the air and see where your feet are placed when you land. 

Correct Your Lats 

Tight lats are the name of the game for those looking to pull a heavier deadlift. There are two tactics you can utilise here: 

  • Tucking your shoulder blades into your back pockets 
  • Protecting your armpits 

For the first one, try to picture yourself as you pull yourself into a position that pulls the barbell back whilst simultaneously putting your weight toward the back.


For the second one, imagine a friend is poking your armpits (or at least trying to). What’s your natural reaction in this scenario? You’ll lock your triceps closer to yourself and flex your lats. 

Improve Your Lockout 

The lockout should be done with your glutes andnot your lower back, and yet many beginners get this all wrong and perform it vice-versa. The problem is that your lower back puts you at greater risk of injuryand it also means you’re using weaker muscles instead of your bigger ones. 

I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t know how to use my glutes when I lockout.” 

This is a technique that can become a habit just bedoing it more often. For practice, try cable pull-throughs. You’ll squeeze your abs and glutes at the same time and your tail will be nicely tucked (tuck your tail once the barbell has passed your knees). Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and you’ll be well on your way to a better deadlift. 


The deadlift is certainly a great way to burn more fat, improve your posture and work more muscles - but only if you do it right. These 3 hacks will take some time, as well as patience and discipline but the rewards will be huge. 

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