Beast Sleeves


How would it feel to lift more weight & smash your PB?

Beast Sleeves provide professional grade compression knee support for weightlifting, running, jumping, Crossfit, squats etc. We've improved on ordinary knee sleeves with our Tech-Weave construction for maximum breathability.

With Beast Sleeves You Will:

  • Improve Performance: Optimise athletic ability!
  • Prevent Injuries: reinforce, support & heat vulnerable joints to avoid injury & pain.
  • Recover Faster: Tech-Blend Neoprene compresses to speed recovery & rejuvenation.

Unrivalled Support

Our Tech-Blend Neoprene is the perfect blend of elasticity, strength & comfort.

Why Beast Gear

We've sourced the BEST materials for our sleeves:

  • Tech-Blend neoprene - stronger, longer lasting sleeves
  • BG Tech-Stitching - stands up to heavy loads Reversible technology
  • Optimum thickness (5 mm) - perfect mix of support & movement.

Why Is Beast Gear More Expensive?

Other brands have crazy claims & crazy low prices. Too good to be true? Yep!

The best materials, tools, & service costs more, so naturally our kit costs a bit more. We won't compromise on quality, & we bring our kit to you at a fair price. The choice is yours ;)

Our Promise

We only make equipment which we use in our own training- so you KNOW it's top notch.


Q: When to use them?

A: Any exercise requiring extra support. Cleans, snatch, deadlift, squat, box jumps, running, hiking...

Q: Are 5 mm sleeves thick enough?

A: Yes! Beast Sleeves offer the optimum mix of support & mobility

Q: How do they work?

A: Beast Sleeves provide support, warmth & compression to increase blood flow & support the knee joint muscles & tendons

Q: Are they for men or women?

A: Both! We've tested them with male & female athletes

Q: Where is your size chart?

A: In the third image ^ 👀