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The Beast Gear Philosophy

Beast Gear is not just about training gear. Beast Gear is about helping you to be more Beast.

Beast Gear was borne out of a desire to not just train with great equipment, but to have the equipment we all need to reach our potential – to BEAST our goals.

When it comes to training, anyone can be a beast. Whether you are a Crossfit games competitor, a busy mum, a professional boxer, or a fit-dad. Being more beast is about reaching your potential – whoever you are.

Our Story

I’m Ben, and I founded Beast Gear in spring 2016. To put it bluntly, I was fed-up. I was really ill, and could not train, go to the gym, or be active in anyway – doctor’s orders. How could I stay in touch with my passion for training?

While tidying out my gym kit, I hit upon my plan. I could do this better. This kit was bang average and frankly so was the service from the brands who made it. You see, although I’m an average Joe like you – I’m not ready to settle for average training gear!

What if I could make better, high quality kit with the service to match?... Kit that will work with me to reach my potential. Help not just reach my goals, but beast my goals.

So the mission began…

Our Mission

Beast Gear’s mission is to offer only the highest quality kit to enable customers of all fitness levels to train to their full potential. In short – to beast their goals.

No matter who you are, or where you are on your training journey - we want you to feel like a part of our tribe.

You are one of us - a beast - maybe even a member of the Beast Gear Legion? So top athletes, weekend warriors and newbie weightlifters – welcome – you’re one of us now. Let’s do this!

Our Promises to You

Beasts use the best. No wait, Beasts need the best. That’s why we promise to make the best kit we possibly can, and offer it to you at the fairest prices.

We only make and sell kit that the Beast Gear team uses. We use our kit every day in our quest to be more beast.

Any problems, any time – we’ll solve it fast, with common sense and no drama.

We want to become your go-to for your fitness gear. That’s why, just like our Gorilla logo – we share the same values of valour, strength and dependability.

It’s time. Add some beast to your training.


Beast Gear stands for strength, valour and dependability. Beast Gear brings the highest quality fitness, strength, power lifting, boxing, and weight lifting equipment to help you reach your full potential

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