Thick Bar Training – The Unfair Advantage for Muscle and Strength Gains

Thick Bar Training – The Unfair Advantage for Muscle and Strength Gains

What if I told you there were some rolls of fat that are actually good for you?

You wouldn’t believe me, right?

Well new Beast Grips by BEASTGEAR are exactly that. Beast Grips are our new fat bar training solution. Instantly increase the width of barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars and cable attachments, and take your training to the next level.

Why use thicker bars?

Increasing the width of the bar or dumbbell with Beast Grips is one of the simplest ways to ramp up your strength training. Thicker bars build a stronger grip and activate more muscle in the entire upper body, allowing you to lift heavier weights, get stronger and build more muscle.

Not only that, but by activating muscles in the wrists, elbows and shoulder, these joints become more stable – helping to prevent injury and rehab existing niggles. In fact – many lifters report that thick bar training cures their elbow, shoulder and wrist issues.

So how does it work?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that gripping a thicker bar will improve grip and forearm strength. But how can this improve our bicep, shoulder, back, and chest strength?

What's attaching you to the bar? Your hands, then arms, then shoulders. So it makes sense that these need to be strong.

The power comes from your shoulders, back and chest, but you can’t unleash the power of these muscles with a weak grip. It doesn’t matter how strong your back and legs are, you won’t pull a big deadlift if you can’t hold onto the bar!

But there’s more to it than that – Beast Grips work thanks to some pretty awesome science

  • When muscles contract, the neighboring muscles contract too. Try this:
  • Flex your bicep as hard as you can without making a fist
  • Now flex your bicep as hard as you can with a tight fist
  • Note the harder contraction in your bicep, forearm, shoulder, chest and upper back.

This is irradiation.Firing nerves in surrounding muscles amplify the effect of each muscle. In other words, all the muscles work together. A harder grip amplifies the contractions in all the muscles in the arm, shoulder and upper body. Now we could just grip the barbell harder (and you should be doing this anyway – if you aren’t, start now!). But really we need something to grip onto – that’s where BEAST GRIPS come in.

Why Beast Grips?

Beast Grips turn any standard or Olympic barbell, dumbbell, pull-up bar or cable attachment into a thick bar training tool. Rather than blowing thousands of pounds on a set of thick barbells and dumbbells, a pair of Beast Grips will work on a massive range of equipment.

We use our kit every day, so we designed Beast Grips to deliver exactly what we need – strength, portability and reliability. That’s why Beast Grips are:

  • light and portable – just throw them in your gym bag or luggage and use in any gym, anywhere
  • specially designed to incorporate our unique grooves for optimum grip – these bad boys won’t slip
  • ultra-strong – made of 100% hard wearing silicon these bad boys won’t break down, unlike cheaper foam imitations.

Who are Beast Grips for?

Beast Grips are for anyone who wants to increase their strength, build more muscle, reduce injuries and become a Beast! The benefits of thick bar training are not just for strength athletes and carry over to all sports!

We especially recommend Beast Grips for combat sports like MMA, Judo, BJJ and Jiu Jitsu. Body handles like ankles and wrists are much wider than standard bars. Training with Beast Grips builds the strength required to grab your opponent like a vice.

Boxers in particular will benefit from thick bar training. Boxers’ forearms, wrists and hands experience stressin everyday training and competition making them exceptionally vulnerable to injury. Thick bar training with Beast Grips reduces the injury potential by building the joint stability necessary to reduce the stress on these vulnerable areas. By simply wrapping a pair of Beast Grips around the bar, boxers can give their weights session an injury prevention boost!

How to use

Using Beast Grips could not be easier. Just split apart, and wrap around the bar. Done. They grip the bar like a vice and won’t budge, so you can concentrate on lifting.

When you first try Beast Grips, we recommend using them for EVERY exercise. At first, this will be a challenge, but after a few sessions you’ll be comfortable with the thickness and your grip strength.

Do this for 6 full weeks, then return to standard bars for a week. Because of your improved grip strength, joint stability and upper body strength, you’ll see an instant gain of 10% or more on most of your upper body exercises.

Going forward, you can include phases of thick bar training in your programme or use it for the exercises that where helps you most. We always suggest using Beast Grips for presses, curls and pull-ups, and then cycle your thick bar training for other exercises.




Thick bar training is a no-brainer. For such a simple adaption to your training, the returns are astronomical.

Grab a pair of Beast Grips now and unleash your strength potential.


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