Why Intensity Matters For CrossFit

Why Intensity Matters For CrossFit

Wanna be the best beast you can be? You need to get intense.

When people talk about “intensity”, what do they mean exactly, though?

Well, if you’re an intense person, it usually means that you’re pretty damn driven to the point where you almostscarepeople. 

In physics, meanwhile, it’s all about the power transferred per unit of area.

In CrossFit, on the other hand, it’s all about the physical and mental journey.

In other words, it’s all about giving everything you’ve got.

And it’s what gets you the results by bringing you up to speed with elite athletes.

Yup, you read that right.

How Intensity Brings You Up To Speed With Elite Athletes

See, CrossFit is all about conquest at the end of the day. To reach the end of your journey and be successful, you have to be intense as hell.

And when I say “intense as hell,” I mean going above and beyond mere physical training and mere ability. I’m talking about feeling the emotions, not just of ourselves, but of others we train and do this with.

That said, intensity is a bit of a relative thing in CrossFit. We all have a certain, shall we say,capacity that we reach, and thus we have to scale and adapt our intensity according to this capacity. We must work within our abilities.

But here’s the thing: Intensity doesn’t mean that you’re compromising quality and technique. I’m mentioning this because numerous people seem to believe that it does. But any coach worth their salt will tell you that theynever compromise quality and technique for intensity. What they will do is scale your WOD depending on your skill level. This ensures that intensity is still present and that you’re getting the best out of each session.

Indeed, it’s the scalable aspect of this sport that brings you and me on par with elite athletes. We’re suddenly level with the fittest people on earth!

How To Scale To The Level of Elite Athletes

Let’s look at some benchmarks and numbers. For example, 21-15-9 repetitions of pull-ups and thrusters (95/65 lbs / 43/30kg). This is a massively intense fast WOD. Time, here, really is of the essence.

But how does a total beginner maintain the stimuli in order to keep up with elite athletes?

One thing they could do is begin with 21-15-9 ring rows and med ball thrusters, adjusting the med ball weight according to capacity.

As an intermediate, they could do 21-15-9 jumping pulls ups and barbell thrusters with a lighter weight.

The third option is to finish their workout the way elite athletes would. This will exhaust them because of the sheer intensity they’ve put into it. It’s gruelling but what makes CrossFit so adaptable to anyone’s physical capacity is our ability to scale the number of repetitions we perform, as well as movement and the weight we apply.

All we need to do is maintain:

  • Stimulus
  • Intended intensity level


Crossfit can make you feel pretty damn invincible by allowing you to progress to a level you probably never thought you were capable of. You add more weight, learn new movements and go faster than ever.

Just make sure to pick the right training partner and coach, and you’ll be well on your way.

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