Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

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Lift More, Recover Better - Smash Your Goals?

Use Beast Gear's advanced heavy duty wrist wraps to support your wrists, reduce injury risk & encourage recovery!

The wrists are involved in almost all exercises. From push-ups & dips to bench, press, snatch & jerk! Our wrists wraps support your goals, whether it's heavy lifting or even gymnastics.

Support Your Weakest Link

Wrist joints need extra support to keep up with bigger chest, back, leg & upper arm muscles.

Beast Gear Wrist Wraps Will:

✓ Support your wrists, hands & forearms to give you extra confidence & stability

✓ Reduce wrist fatigue - so you can get more work done!

✓ Fit with complete comfort - soft yet strong & flexible construction means you can lift in comfort

✓ Fasten securely -super strong Velcro & fastening loop stays tight during your workout.

✓ Fit anyone -extra-long wraps to fit anyone - male or female, big or small!

It's not just powerlifters who love our wrist wraps. Our athletes use them for MMA, boxing, gymnastics & kettlebell workouts too!

Why Is Beast Gear More Expensive?

At Beast Gear we make the BEST kit that we use in our own training. We use the highest quality materials, the most advanced manufacturing methods & offer unrivaled customer service - this naturally makes our kit slightly more expensive than inferior brands. The choice is yours ;)


Q: Which exercises require wrist wraps?

A: Anything that benefits from wrist support - dips, bench, shoulder press, snatch, jerk, overhead squat etc.

Q: Are your wrists wraps vegan?

A: Absolutely - 100% vegan friendly!

Q: Are the wrist wraps sold as a pair?

A: Yes!

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 20" long & 3" wide

Q: Can I wear weightlifting gloves?

A: Absolutely you can wear gloves