10 Tips For Heavy Bag Training

10 Tips For Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag training is a great way to boost muscle growth. It’s also a pretty damn intense aerobic and cardio exercise.

However, you’re not worth a lot if your technique isn’t up to scratch. Any idiot can slam a heavy bag - but it takes skill and craft to do it like a pro.

Here are 10 tips for heavy bag training, like a Beast:

Wrap Your Hands the Right Way

Wrapping your hands properly is like making your bed in the morning: It’s a solid base from which to work up from.

Plus, it protectsyour wrists and knuckles from injury. 

Stay Protected 

Protecting yourself means adopting a proper boxing stance and keeping your gloves up by your face. This stance ensures you can move with freedom, while ensuring that you hit the bag with power. 

Keep Your Distance 

To get the right distance, you should get a feel for where your punches are landing. You want a full arm extension for crosses and jabs, but you can stand a tad closer for upper cuts and hooks. 

Torque Your Hits 

By this, we mean strike the heavy bag with the right knuckles - your middle finger and pointer knuckles. If you strike with the wrong knuckles, you risk doing yourself some pretty major harm which could put you out of action.

Keep Breathing 

Whenever you doany exercise it’s really important that you keep breathing properly. It’s especially important for heavy bag training because it’s sure as heck going to take it out of you. 

The key is to exhale when you strike the bag and inhale when you pull your arm back. 

Employ Your Whole Body 

Remember that a good punch starts from the ground. You need to work your leg muscles, and then bring your whole body into action, including your core and your arms. Starting from the ground up and working your entire body ensures a more powerful and volcanic punch. Pretty soon, you’ll have a weapon on your hands. 

Retract Your Punches

For proper technique, you need to keep your hands by your face. This means that you retract all your punches to your face/head. 

As well as being good for technique, this is also good for generating as much explosive power as possible.

Work The Whole Bag

A lot of newbies make the common mistake of hitting the same spot the whole time. But this is hardly good for your form. 

Make sure to work the whole bag. Go up and down, jab that mother inside and out. Start with a body shot and then move in for the kill with a head shot. 


Don’t stay stationary when punching. Move your ass! 

The more movement you exert, the more power you will generate.

So step into your punches, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Use your body, dance and move. 

Be Relaxed

Phew, after all that it’s high time we relaxed a little, don’t you think? 

It’s like Ali - float like that butterfly and sting like that bee. Relax, be cool, be chill - but be explosive, too. 


If you continue to work on these 10 tips each time you do heavy bag training, you’ll be well on your way to being a beast. Stay consistent, stay hard and keep going. 

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