What is the difference between Beast Gear’s skipping ropes?

What is the difference between Beast Gear’s skipping ropes?

Modesty is a virtue. 

But sometimes, it is OK to pat yourself on the back and say “we’re awesome”.

When it comes to skipping ropes – Beast Gear is awesome. We’re the speed rope experts, and we’ve developed a range of unrivalled jump ropes for YOUR training.

Whether you are a boxer, Crossfitter, or just want to mix up your workouts – we’ve got you covered.

So what is different about all Beast Gear’s ropes? Let’s take a look.

Beast Rope

The original Beast Rope is a fast, lightweight speed rope and great for beginners or experts.

It has a great bearing system - with a double set of bearings and high-end components versus other ropes on the market which look similar but have poor internal components.

The Beast Rope was rated by the Independent newspaper as the best skipping rope on the market. Not too shabby 😉

Beast Rope Pro

The Beast Rope Pro has a high-spec ball bearing system and is a bit smoother and faster than the original. It also has a higher-spec adjustment mechanism.  It's like the original, but extra smooth, fast and consistent. Though that is not the say the original isn't a very good rope!

The Pro is suited to people looking for a really fast and intense workout, like a Crossfit metcon.

The Beast Rope Pro was also selected as the best skipping rope on the market – this time by the Evening Standard newspaper. Two ropes, each rated as the best! Decisions, decisions… 😉

 Beast Rope Elite

The Elite is our newest rope, and we’re super proud of it.


The Beast Rope Elite is heavier (with an aluminium handle and thicker heavier cable), and the cable is centrally threaded (rather than being threaded at 90 degrees).

It's perfect for steady-state skipping, for example during boxing training. Whereas the original and Pro are better for superfast CrossFit style conditioning workouts. The components are very high-spec, which makes it an all-round more...'premium' rope.

Can’t decide?

Get more than one! I use my Elite at the end of boxing training when I want to skip a few rounds and I use my Profor intense circuits!

Now – go skip like a boss!

Beast Your Goals!

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