How To Sumo Deadlift Like a Beast

How To Sumo Deadlift Like a Beast

As the motivational speaker Eric Thomas says, “everyone wants to be a beast - until it’s time to do what beasts do.” 

Well, if you want to sumo deadlift like a beast, now is the time to be a beast!

The sumo deadlift is a fantastic way to build raw, solid muscle. It’s a gruelling version of the deadlift but it’s one that works your gluteus, your quadricepsand your hip adductors and spine erectors like no other. 

Wanna know how to it the right way? Join Beast Gear as we take a look … 

The Benefits of the Sumo Deadlift 

The main difference between the sumo deadlift and the conventional deadlift is that the sumo starts with your feet further apart. This allows you to tuck your hands inside your knees, bending them more than you would for a conventional deadlift. The end result is you get to utilise your legs more. 

Here are some more pros of the sumo deadlift:

Less pressure on your back 

The position is more natural 

Increased leg workouts 

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages, too. For example, the sumo deadlift is more technical and therefore harder to do for beginners. It can also put too much stress on your hip adductors.

How To Sumo Deadlift Like a Beast

A beastly deadlift can be achieved step-by-step:

Settle your bar on the ground 

Spread your legs apart and point your toes out. Your legs don’t have to behugely far apart. In fact, how far apart they are will vary from person to person 

Grip the bar with your hands as you bend at the hips, keeping your hands inside your legs 

Make sure your arms and shoulders are relaxed

Look ahead of you and keep your chest and head straight.Don’t look sideways or down

Bring the weight slowly up with your hands. Make sure to keep a tight grip on the bar

Extend through your knees and hips 

Once the bar has reached your knees, bring your shoulders closer together 

Stay in control as you lower the weight down again 

Bonus Tips to Sumo Deadlift Like a Beast 

To make sure you beast the sumo deadlift, here are some further tips: 

Keep your knees apart - If you knock your knees together while lifting the bar up, itcan be mighty painful, so keep them as far apart as you can

Keep your weight behind the bar - Putting weight into the bar just makes your life harder. Keep the weight behind the bar so that you have less issues lifting or locking out 

Don’t drive your hips into your lower back - If you overextend your back, you’ll run into problems. Make sure to drive your hips into the bar instead 

Experiment with different grips - You can try the mixed grip, the overhand grip, the hook grip, or lifting straps. Finding the one that’s right for you is crucial if you’re going to make this work. Different grips do different things. For example, the overhand grip is the most basic of all deadlifting grips, while lifting straps reduce a LOT of stress on your hands 


If you’re a beginner, you might find it hard to nail the sumo deadlift just yet. That’s totally okay - consider starting with the conventional deadlift before moving up. That said, if you have back issues, the sumo deadlift isalways preferable. And once you get into the swing of things, your legs will really reap the benefits. 

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