The 2 Step Plan to Become a Morning Beast

September 07, 2018 2 Comments

The 2 Step Plan to Become a Morning Beast

Here's How to win the morning in 2 STEPS, with ONE SIMPLE METHOD.

I love the mornings. I’m a morning guy. It's when I get sh!t done!

But...not everybody does, many of you reading this probably struggle to get out of bed and get going. In this article, I’m going to discuss the easy ways you can hit the ground running, and set yourself up for an awesome day.

First, let’s acknowledge that sleeping-in rocks - but not all the time. Snuggling
might be awesome, but there can be too much of a good thing!

If you are trying to balance work, training, relationships, parental responsibilities have to maximize the 24 hours in the day...and that means less snuggle time!

The good news is getting up early has several benefits:

• A less frantic start to the day makes you calmer and energized
• Better mood
• Better prepared/focused for the day

But what are you actually going to do with that extra time in the morning?

Here's the plan...

  • Move, Be, Think

Some people like to train in the morning and get it out of the way. Top boxing coach Ross Enamait said he trains in the morning because  “then no one can take it away from me”.

I personally don’t work out in the morning but I do move. Movement first thing in the morning primes the body and mind, gets the blood flowing and helps to wake you up.

I perform my daily mobility and back prehab routine first thing every morning. This gentle session 5 minute keeps my dodgy back, hip, and shoulder in check and gives me time to think about the day ahead.

Perhaps you prefer yoga, or going for a walk outside? Whatever it is - take at least 5 minutes to move, be and think.

  • Get Sh!t Done!

No matter what you do, there will always besomethingthat you wish you had more time for. 

It could be that you wish you had more time for your hobby, or more time for work in the morning so that you have more family time in the evening. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed with volunteer commitments? Whatever it is - the same principle applies.

For me - it is Beast Gear. I love working on Beast Gear, and I want to produce top quality work for our customers - so I try to get the bulk of my Beast Gear jobs doneearly in the morning. This way I have more time later for ‘life’ jobs and family activities.

Early in the morning, my mind is fresh and energized. This is thebest time to be productive on the day’s most taxing tasks.

My routine is an adaptation of the principle popularised by Gary Keller in his book, 'The ONE Thing'.

Here are thethree things I do to make sure I am productive in the morning:

1. Grab a coffee (of course!)

2. Write down the ONE thing that would make the biggest single difference to your commitment

3. Focus on that ONE thing until it is done

For me, this means I spend the first few hours working on the ONE most important thing for Beast Gear at that moment (which is usually making sure you guys are all super happy!).

Perhaps you'll spend an hour before work on the ONE thing that will make the biggest difference to your holiday itinerary, or re-writing your training plan. Or will you go to work early so you can have more free time later?

By getting up early, taking time to move, be and think and then crushing the things you need to do to - you’ll feel less overwhelmed,  more energized, more satisfied and more BEAST.

Beast. Your. Goals.

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2 Responses


September 17, 2018

Hey Henna,

Can you dedicate some time during your commute to either get some work done, or work on something you are passionate about?

Are you training too much? Maybe workout in the morning , then go to work, and then come home. Perhaps training at night is too draining?

Or consider some gentler movement instead of a hard gym session, and jut hit the gym once at the weekend – its not all about grinding yourself in the gym.

Is your job worth the commute if it is making your life totally unbalanced?

take some time to consider these things and see what answers you arrive at … :)


Henna Mahmood
Henna Mahmood

September 12, 2018

Hi, the problem I’m finding is that I have to wake up early for work and commute and I don’t have the time to fit any exercise in the morning. By the time I leave the office and finish gym I get home at 9 and have to meal prep. I am struggling to balance my life at the moment and was wondering if you had any suggestions to become a beast at night rather than morning.

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