Beyond Creatine: Beta Alanine Works Harder For Longer

Beyond Creatine: Beta Alanine Works Harder For Longer

Yeah, we’ve all heard of creatine. Yeah, we all know that it works.

But have you ever stopped to think that creatine - beyond all the buzz - has its limitations?

See, creatine worksreally well. But only for 60 seconds or so.

That’s fine if you’re lifting for 30 - 60 seconds. But what if you factor in internal training or HIIT? Or even CrossFit?

Well, you’re going to need something more.

Enter beta-alanine. In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at what beta-alanine is and why you should consider taking it. 

What Is Beta-Alanine? 

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that boosts your exercise capacity and athletic performance. More and more fighters are starting to buy it in supplement form as it helps them go longer and harder in the gym (and in the ring).

How Does Beta-Alanine Work? 

The more beta-alanine you put into your system, the more carnosine your body produces. This is key because carnosine ensures better muscle endurance by sucking up reactive oxygen species. It also prevents too much hydrogen building up in your body while you’re working out. Again, this is key because it stops your pH levels from plummeting. Once they drop, you find itvery hard to keep working out. 

It's also worth mentioning that while your body does produce its own levels of beta-alanine, it doesn’t produce enough. And when there isn’t enough beta-alanine in your system, there’s also not enough carnosine. And when there’s not enough carnosine, your muscles become acidic and you feel fatigued. 

Sounds Cool. But Does A Supplement Really Work? 

Studies have shown that the more beta alanine you have in your system, the better your athletic performance is. 

Other studies have shown that cyclists are able to go longer simply by having more beta alanine in their system. 

Where high intensity exercises are concerned, beta alanine supplements work because you won’t be limited by muscle acidosis. In fact, studies have shown that TTE can increase by as much as 19% during HIIT just by taking beta alanine supplements.

Okay, I’m Down. But How Should I Take Beta-Alanine? 

Beta-alanine is available as a standalone supplement, but you can also purchase it as a key active ingredient in other products where it works in conjunction with other ergogenic compounds.

However, what’s worth bearing in mind that beta-alanineprobably won’t work right away in much the same way that creatine doesn’t work right away. Instead, you need to take beta-alanine doses gradually over time before they become effective at increasing your levels of carnosine.

But this is totally cool. You could start today, for example, and notice the effects a month from now, where you’ll be hitting it harder and longer in the weights room. 

The more you take beta-alanine, the easier it will be to manage workout sessions that last 5 minutes. 


Convinced about beta-alanine? The next step is to find the supplement that’s right for you before sticking to the recommended dosage (don’t go over and try not to go under).

This is a long-term thing, so it’s really important that you keep taking beta-alanine once you’ve started. As the weeks and months pass, you’ll start to see (and feel) the results. 

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