Why Train With Boxing Punch Sticks

Why Train With Boxing Punch Sticks

There is more than one way to skin a cat. And when it comes to boxing training, you need to mix things up a bit. 

In this article, Beast Gear is going to take a look at boxing punch sticks, including what they are and why you should be training with them. 

What Are Boxing Punch Sticks? 

Tired of hitting the pads all the time? Bored of the same old routine?

Enter boxing punch sticks. 

A boxing punch stick is a batten lined with foam. They come with a hand lanyard and they act as a good replacement for focus mitts. 

You can work with your trainer to improve your striking accuracy, footwork and evasion techniques while your trainer basically turns into Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Benefits of Training With Punch Sticks 

They Improve Your Striking Accuracy

Striking accuracy is important in boxing. 

With the boxing punch sticks, you get to focus your eye on the sticks for better striking accuracy. 

Concentration is everything. As you strike, your trainer meets your blow with the stick.

The more you do this, working in tandem with your trainer, the better your accuracy will be. 

They Can Help To Tidy Up Your Technique 

As you’re working with your trainer who’s holding the punch sticks, they can help you tidy up your technique without having to rough you up.

When you take a strike, they can take a look at your stance and technique from up close, and tidy everything up. If they feel that something isn’t right - maybe you’re keeping your gloves too low down - they will make minor adjustments as you go along. 

They Help You Improve Your Evasion Techniques 

Evasion is key in boxing. If your opponent is preparing a hammer blow and you dive out of the way, it’s happy days. 

Remember the rule in Dodgeball? Dodge, duck, dive, dip and … dodge! 

That’s right - you wanna learn how to strike without getting struck. 

With the boxing punch sticks, your coach takes a few swings at you - and you’ve gotta work at evading them.

Naturally, you need to be a bit careful because these babies do hurt (though the foam will help to protect you). 

They Improve Your Footwork 

Following on from the point made above, boxing punch sticks help you work on your footwork. It’s you versus your trainer, and as he or she is leading you on a merry dance with the sticks, you get to move around and improve your nimble footwork. 

They’re Ideal For Your Trainer 

The great thing about boxing punch sticks is that they make a lot of sense for your trainer. They won’t hurt their wrist and a thick wrist lanyard on both sticks means the trainer will be able to keep hold of them with ease. 


Boxing punch sticks are great for many reasons. Relatively affordable, they improve your technique, help you evade punches and your trainer will love them just as much as you will.

If you’re ready to make improvements in your boxing training regime, check out Beast Gear’s boxing punch sticks here. 

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