Core Training for Runners: Get Faster, Stronger & Injury-Free

September 30, 2016

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When the subject of the ‘core’ crops up, we often think of fitness models and 6-packs, not runners.

“I’m a lean running machine, I don’t need to do extra core training, right?”


Core training is vital for runners – it reduces the likelihood of injury, and makes you faster, stronger and ultimately better, which is what it’s all about!

But what is the core?

Here’s a quick summary, or you can read a more in-depth analysis here.

The core is far more than just chiseled abs. It has a function, and a purpose and it’s important that runners understand it. The core includes all the muscles in the torso, which act together to stabilize, control movement, and transfer power.

Runners need to builda solid core. Core strength is the foundation of injury free, fast, strong running
Your core is responsible for resisting movement around the spine and protecting you from tweaking your back. Your core is also responsible for transferring power through your pumping limbs.

Does that sound like it’d be useful for runners?

HELL YEAH it does.

I look at my running buddies, and the fastest guys who are constantly injury-free are the guys who include core training in their schedule.

How should runners train the core?

Well let’s start with how not to train the core: sit-ups, crunches, and other ‘dynamic’ exercises are not the correct way to train the core.

These exercises train the abdominals by repeatedly contracting the muscles through flexing the spine. Does that sound conducive to stabilizing the torso or transferring power? Is that going to support your running?

No! These exercises are now known to be both damaging to the spine, but also less effective than safer methods.

The goal of any core exercise is to protect your spine.

We need to perform evidence based exerciseswhich actually train the core to do what it does. To delve deep into the topic and the evidence, click here.

You need to get the most bang for your buck, and get your core training done quickly when it’s convenientfor you, so you can crack on with running, which is what it’s all about after all.

That’s why we’ve launched our Core Sliders. Core sliding exercises are what is known as ‘anti-extension’ exercises. Basically, they resist extension (bending backwards) of the spine.

In this video, professional footballer Ciara Sherwood is using Beast Gear Core Sliders for core, glutes and hamstrings training

 So why are Core Sliders so good for this type of training?

They provide an intense training stimulus, regardless of the ability. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the training stimulus will be intense and effective. If you have poor core strength and a limited range of motion, then any basic exercises you do will be effective. If you have excellent core strength and can push yourself with challenging exercises, then these will provide a new and intense stimulus.

It’s as difficult as you make it. You are in control.

Core Sliders can be used on carpets, or wooden floors and because they are small and light you can use them at home, at the gym, or pack them in your luggage and use them when you're travelling.

Here’s a video of Coach Jade Fadlen showing the huge range of exercises (not just for the core!) you can do with BEASTGEAR Core Sliders.

Grab yours here, and get started building the solid core you need to support your running goals.


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