When It Comes to Skipping, Why Choose the Beast Rope

Top boxers like Ben 'Duracell' Jones trust Beast Gear for their training equipment. Ben uses the BeastRope for his jump rope conditioning. It's the fastest, smoothest speed skipping rope. Perfect for boxing, Crossfit, MMA and HIIT training

If you haven't heard of boxer Ben 'Duracell' Jones, you soon will. Ben is currently ranked number 4 in the WBO world rankings and is the current WBO Intercontinental Featherweight Champion.

We are delighted that Ben, along with his stable mates at Assassin Promotions, is a BEASTGEAR ambassador, and uses his trusty Beast Rope as part of his carefully calibrated training regime. The Beast Rope is our top-end speed skipping rope, and it's built rather like Ben - lightweight yet strong as an ox, and it can keep going and going like the Duracell Bunny.

So why skip?

Boxers, and all athletes in fact, need to be fast, agile, and have superb coordination and reaction times. Skipping trains all of these, and forms a vital part of any boxers' training programme.

The Beast Rope is the fastest, smoothest speed sklipping rope for fat loss, boxing, conditioning and fitness trainingIt's vital therefore that Jones has the right tools for the job - that's where the Beast Rope by BEASTGEAR comes in.

The Beast Rope comprises a precision engineered steel cable with a unique protective coating, a 360 degree steel ball-bearing mechanism, and is made from only the highest quality materials. That's what makes the Beast Rope the training partner you need to squeeze the extra drop of sweat out of training, to help you not just reach your goals, but beast your goals.

So take it from a champion- the Beast Rope is what you need to improve your game, whether that's boxing, mma, Crossfit or any sport. Grab your Beast Rope here.



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