For The Love of God, Please Squat: Here Are 10 Reasons

For The Love of God, Please Squat: Here Are 10 Reasons

Didn’t hear me? Well, I’ll repeat it: 

For the love of God, please squat!


If that still hasn’t drilled it into you, here are 10 reasons to squat.

Squatting Doesn’t Just Focus On Your Leg Muscles 

While a lot of people assume squatting works just your leg muscles, the reality is that it works a variety of muscles, from your lower back to your hammie’s.

Squatting Is One Of The Best Functional Exercises Around 

It might even be THE best functional exercise around.

Just picture it: With the squat, you’re sitting down and standing up, sitting down … and standing up. If you’re into CrossFit, or if you’re just generally into being able to move without creaking in everyday life, squatting is hugely beneficial

Trust me, you’ll be thanking those squats when you’re lugging an arsenal of shopping back to your car. 

Squatting Improves Your Overall Performance 

Your performance in everyday WOD will get better if you squat more. They enhance your nerve system, make you stronger,and they can also make you jump higher.

It doesn’t matter which sport you play, squats will make you better. 

Squatting Reduces Injury 

Injuries are nasty, especially the really bad ones that take you out of the game for a while.

Because squats strengthen your joints and make you more flexible, they can reduce your risk of injury.

Squatting Boosts Your Balance 

Especially if you want to be a boxer, you need to have better balance. Squatting helps with this by promoting better muscular balance throughout your body. 

Squatting Strengthens Your Core 

A stronger core means you’ve got more power in your arms and legs. Whatever sport you do, the benefits of this are obvious. 

Because squatting strengthens your pelvic floor muscle groups, your internal and external obliquesand your abdomen muscle groups, it’s one of the best ways to develop a stronger core. 

Squatting Strengthens Everything 

As well as strengthening your core, squatting even strengthens those muscles you didn’t even know you had! 

Each time you move, so-called accessory muscles are worked. Because a squat is a universal compound movement, it stirs these background muscles into action and gets them whirring. 

Squatting Supercharges Your Power 

You heard that right. Squatting helps to power you up so that you can kick longer, punch harder and lift more. It might not turn you into the Incredible Hulk overnight, but squatting sessions will improve your power to body weight ratio considerably if you stay consistent. 

Squatting Is Versatile 

Squatting is one of those workouts that never has to get boring because there are so many variations. There’s the hack squat, the pistol squat, the front squat, the back squat … and more! 

There’s even an overhead squat. 

You Can Squat Anywhere! 

Yup, you can squat at home, in the gym, in the office, in your hotel room. 

You could even squat in the car park if you fancied it like a total random person. 


The Mighty Squat is one of the best exercises you can do to get stronger, fitter, more powerfuland to stay injury free. Add it to your workout regime and do it wherever you fancy. You’ll soon start to see improvements.

Now excuse me while I go do my overhead squat thing. Well,someone has to do it …

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