George Saint Piere - Greatest of All Time

George Saint Piere - Greatest of All Time

A guest blog this time, buddy Jon from the Martial Arts Chat Podcast pays tribute to the greatest MMA fighter of all time...

George St. Pierre

Image Source: Bleacher Report

GOAT is a term that's thrown about like 'interim title' these days.  Almost everybody competing in the MMA is getting hit with that title.  George St Piere came through at a time when legit titles were challenged for and defended. And despite only fighting once in the last 5 years, the official announcement of his retirement is sad.

It's wonderful to hear the man reflect on his career…The fascinating insight into his weight struggles before his final fight against Michael Bisping.  Such self-reflection served him well. When underdog Matt Serra took his title, he learned not to immediately return fire. This lesson paid dividends later when he successfully defended vs  Carlos Condit.

Back to the Greatest of All Time title. What made George so great? A complete Martial Artists, respectful of his opponents, whether it was BJ Penn, Nick Diaz or Matt Hughes. GSP evolved and improved with every single fight. Saint Piere refined his jab so well that neither Jake Sheilds nor Jon Fitch could find an answer.

GSP's ability to 'find a way' was phenomenal. He was never a wrestler, and yet he outwrestled so many fighters - Condit and Thiago Alves for starters.

Geroge was a clean machine. He often spoke up about WADA testing at a time when TRT was legal in the UFC.  He was a clean athlete and champion and he wanted a clean sport too. A true Beast of integrity.

There's not much else that needs to be said about our Canadian hero. Official retirement simply cements his legacy.

Happy retirement George.

Image Source: Lowkick MMA

Now young Padawan - go Youtube some GSP fights and tune into the Martial Arts Chat Podcast - oh yeah and use code ‘MARTIALARTSCHAT’ to get a discount at the Beast Gear checkout ;)

Much love, big kiss, Jon Boy!


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