German Volume Training - Is It For You?

German Volume Training - Is It For You?

Germans tend to be efficient, and that extends to their physical training. That’s definitely true of German Volume Training. Gruelling, yet effective.

Considered by many to be one of the best training programs for supersizing your muscles, German Volume Training (GVT) is piquing in interest at the moment. It was revitalised in 1996 by a Canadian strength coach called Charles Poloquin but its popularity originally goes all the way back to the 1970s. 

But enough of my yapping. What is German Volume Training and is it right for you? Beast Gear takes a look. 

What is German Volume Training? 

First, let’s quickly define volume. 

Volume in training refers to the total weights you’ve lifting during a single session. 

To increase your volume, you need to increase the number of sets. 

Youcould do it by increasing the weight, but then you won’t be able to do as many reps. 

German Volume Training was tweaked by Charles Poloquin in the late nineties. He refined it so that it involves 10 sets of 10 reps per exercise. 

The idea is that, once you’ve got the weight that’s right for you, you won’t be able to finish the 10th rep of the 10th set. You’ll probably fail in the 8th or 9th set. But that’s fine as long as you do as many reps as you can in the last one. 

How Does German Volume Training Work? 

A 4-week plan consists of 3 workouts.

For the first, you work your back and chest, targeting one muscle group while the second one recovers. You should only stick to a pair of GVT moves because of the huge demands it puts on you. 

The last 2 exercises target the same muscle groups so that you end with 3 sets - and a whole load of fatigue.

The next workout is similar but targets the back and front of your thighs. The last session is based around a shoulder move, before finishing with a triceps and biceps superset, followed by an abs move. 

You need to follow the rest, rep and sets instructions for every single move so that you get as much out if GVT as possible. Each week, try to lift more. To this end, keep track of how much you lift from session to session so that you know if progress is being made or not. 

Is German Volume Training For Me? 

If you haven’t been growing much, you need to switch things up. Your current routine might be ineffective and you’re probably not challenging yourself enough. 

Because GVT puts rapid strength and mass gains first and foremost, it’s ideal for men who want to bulk. 

  • Here are some more benefits of GVT: 
  • Boosts hypertrophy
  • Uses compound exercises, which means it targets lots of muscle groups 
  • Increases metabolism, which is excellent for losing weight 

More than anything, GVT will increase your determination, motivation - and grit. It’s hard, but who said life is anything other than hard?


German Volume Training will add muscle mass and strength in a short period of time. It’s definitely gruelling as hell but if you’ve got the motivation and the fortitude, the gains will be worth it. 

So get to it.

Or, Achtung, anyone? 

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