How To Apply Your Training In Sparring

How To Apply Your Training In Sparring

Struggling to apply the techniques learned in training? Finding it hard to spar as good as you thought you’d be able to? First of all - don’t get too down about this. It happens. The good news is that there are ways to remedy the situation and level up!

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Have More Fights 

It might sound counterproductive to simply have more fights if you’re already struggling in the fights you’re having. But one of the reasons many beginners struggle to apply their training to sparring is because they simply haven’t got enough experience yet.

When training, you were probably a tad nervous at first. Over time, that nervousness slowly disappeared. 

It’s often the same when we first start sparring. There’s a fear there, as well as a lot more pressure. As such, mistakes creep in as we feel a bit edgy. We go stiff, become slow and our moves are easy to predict.

The best way to improve in this regard is to gain more experience by having more fights. Get in the trenches and learn to relax. 

Train With a Slower Partner 

When you step into the ring, your setup has to be just right. You need speed, a good position, and the right distance to land your punches. 

If you’re struggling during sparring at the moment, I think it’s a really smart idea to find yourself a partner who’s a tad on the slower side. This will allow you to sharpen your motor skills and instincts. Over time, you can move onto faster, more proficient opponents. 

Get Used To Getting Hit 

Think back to the first time you sparred. Were you a bit worried about getting hit?

Many of us flinch when an opponent strikes us the first time, and it’s easy to tighten up and go inside our shells. Then, we lose the ability to counter strike. 

It’s my personal recommendation that you take the time to add a few more ‘touching drills’ to your training regime so that you’re used to getting hit. Get touched and practice your counter-movements. Pretty soon, these will become reflexive, and when this happens you won’t be as apprehensive about getting hit anymore. 

Like I said above, go slow at first and pick up the pace over time. 

Harness The Power of Repetition 

Aristotle once said that we are what we do repeatedly. 

Boxing is like anything else. Practice makes perfect. If you’re not ready for sparring yet, just wait. Spend more time training and acquiring the proper skills. 

It takes time, dedication and effort. If you spar without being ready, you’ll get hit because you’re not paying enough attention.

Skills take a lot of time to develop, so it’s important that you spend enough time training yourself on the fundamentals. Do everything repeatedly. Repetition will give you the edge, and it will prepare you mentally and physically.

Remember, knowledge is power and power is confidence. When youknow you’ve got the skills, you’ll be a lot more fearless inside the ring. 


Sparring is different from training and it could be that you’re just not ready yet. But that’s okay. Apply the tips in this article, dedicate yourself to time in the gym and prepare the right way. Once you’re ready, you’ll know you’re ready. Then, it’s time to take on the world.

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