Why you should be skipping – Part 2: getting started

The Beast Rope is the skipping rope you need to get started with skipping. Jump rope training is the ultimate fat loss and conditioning method.

In Part 1 you learned the benefits of skipping, and why it really needs to be part of your training. Now it’s time to get started.

The problem with traditional skipping is that it can quickly become boring. Bouncing on both feet in one place is dull.  But the skills used by boxers, martial artists and CrossFit athletes are definitely not boring though – it’s more like a complex dance! Let’s get you to that point!

Getting Started

Obviously, you need a high quality skipping rope. It needs to be a speed rope, it needs to be lightweight, strong, and fast. A leather rope or plastic rope doesn’t cut the mustard: it won’t last, won’t help you improve, and you’ll only end up replacing it with something better.

A speed rope allows you to keep up a faster pace, and maintain a consistent and smooth rhythm. Ideally, you’ll choose an adjustable rope that allows you to change the length so that it is perfect for you.

The best way to determine the correct length is to stand one foot in the middle of the rope. The handles should reach to between your elbow and your armpit - play around with the length that works best for you.

When you finish using your rope, always coil it and keep it safe. All good ropes come with a carry bag. If you just throw the rope in your gym bag, it may tangle which will weaken the rope and decrease the spinning speed.


Where to skip

Skipping should be on surface with some ‘give’  - Crossfit gym flooring, wooden floors, running tracks, or boxing ring. Very hard surfaces, such as concrete, are not kind to your joints, and don’t have any ‘bounce’.

Beginner skills

I know you want to start smashing double unders, set an amazing Fran time, and improve your conditioning for sports right away.

But hold your horses!

You must first learn the skill of consistent skipping. That’s frustrating, I know. But view these learning sessions as workouts.

If you try to incorporate skipping into your Crossfit workouts or sports conditioning before you are ready, you’ll get fed up and you’ll give up.

Begin with short intervals, skipping for 20-30 seconds without tripping. Stop. Take a few moments to rest. Repeat.

Learning a skill requires repetition before  you can perform the skill without even thinking. Eventually you will be skipping for several minutes at a time, alternating from one foot to the other.

The Basic Bounce

This is called the boxer skip. Boxers aim to mimic the footwork used during a fight, shifting their weight from foot to foot.
  • right, left, right, left
  • right, right, left, left.

After you have mastered these patterns and can perform them for several minutes without tripping, try these patterns:

Run in Place

This drill is essentially running on the spot with high knees. This is technically easier for some people but it’s physically more challenging especially if you go fast.

Single Leg Hops

Try a pyramid routine: jump on each leg from 2 jumps all the way up to 10 jumps and then back down to 2 again

Soon you will be ready to learn some advanced skills, including double unders. This is where the fun really begins and where coordination, conditioning, agility and speed come into play. Remember, learning a new skill can be frustrating to start – stick at it.

Soon you’ll be a double under BEAST, with the Fran time to prove it.

Next time we’ll look at advanced skills and double unders. For now, get your Beast Rope by Beast Gear HERE



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