HIIT - A Beast Gear Summary

HIIT - A Beast Gear Summary

HIIT - or, High Intensity Interval Training - seems to be everywhere at the moment. It’s especially popular among sprinters and fitness gods who want to increase and maintain their muscle tone and bulk, and it’s also a great way to build stamina and strengthand lose weight. Thus, it’s ideal for boxers, fighters and beasts, too.

Characterised by sharp, short bursts of intense training, it should be a priority in anyone’s workout regime who’s looking to get fitter and stronger. Join Beast Gear as we take a look at the 3 key forms of HIIT. 

The Tabata Method 

This method is made up of 30 seconds sets and 20 seconds work ratio. You alternate that with 10 seconds rest and then go again. 

Source: PopSugar Fitness

It’s important to note that, in the Tabata method, rest means rest. In other words, you don’t do anything for 10 seconds. This is unlike the other 2 methods, where you slow the pace and intensity, but don’t rest completely. 

Your sets can include: 

8 sets of burpees

8 sets of push ups and 8 sets of jump squats 

16 sets of sit ups and planks 

Turbulence Training 

Turbulence training is as intense as it sounds. It typically has 8 reps of weight training followed by 2 minutes of high intensity cardio. Altogether, you workout for 45 minutes - but no more than that. 

Your workouts can include:

8 sets of eight back squats followed by 2 mins of jump rope 

8 sets of deadlifts followed by a minute of burpees

8 bench presses followed by two minutes of sprints 

Power Intervals

Power intervals are beastly. They combine a minute and a half of work with a minutes rest. You can walk, row, swim or run, but whatever you do youmust put ALL your effort in during the 90 seconds of work. And when you rest, don’t rest completely. Instead, take your effort and energy levels down to around 50%. 

Here are some examples of power intervals you can try: 

5 sets of running 

2 sets of jump squats

10 sets of rowing 

The Benefits of HIIT

So, HIIT is pretty hard hitting and you’ll feel it during and after. The results can be amazing, though. 

For one thing, HIIT burns way more calories than other kinds of aerobic training, and it also boosts your metabolism while suppressing your appetite. This is double the win because people with faster metabolism’s lose weight quicker than those with slower metabolism’s. 

Moreover, HIIT can be done anywhere while the ROI is super high. You don’t have to dedicate a huge amount of time to it, you don’t need to keep hitting the gym, but the results should come thick and fast as long as you do it right. 

And ‘doing it right’ means giving 100% of your effort all the time. When you commit 100% to your workouts, your body will go into overdrive, and it’s here that the magic happens. Once your workout is done, your body starts to rebuild but it continues to work. For example, calories are burned duringand after your sessions.


You don’t have to do HIIT every day of the week. As a matter of fact, you should stick to 3 days a week MAX. I’d even say you can stick to two days. Your body needs a suitable amount of rest time after HIIT - at least 24 hours. I’d suggest combining two days of HIIT sessions with 2 days of resistance training sessions for the best results. 

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