Mass Building For Beasts

Mass Building For Beasts

Sometimes, you just want to get big.

There’s some good news and some bad news here. The bad news is that putting on mass is super demanding and you’ll need to work like a lion. 

Thegood news is that I’ve got lots of tips for you so that you power-up ASAP. 

Let’s take a look at mass building for beasts … 

Eat Like A Madman 

The biggest ‘secret’ to building mass is that you’ve gotta eat. A hell of a lot.


Whenever Robert De Niro used to pile on the pounds for a role (think Raging Bull), he’d eat way more than he was used to. It worked a treat - he got really fat.

Of course, you’re not looking to get fat (that’s where the working out comes in), but you need to eat like a madman. So stop obsessing over your calories and start guzzling down your grub. 

*Make sure you don’t fall foul of the missus who WILL challenge you over the size of your new grocery bill. 

Spend Time Under the Bar

You’ve gotta load your body while moving weights for numerous minuteswithoutreleasing the load.

Get Your Reps In, Bro 

Lower reps - I’m talking 1-5 -can gain you amazing mass, and I’ve seen some dudes do it. But this is insanely hard for most of us.

Instead, until you can deal with, say, a 600-pound deadlift or a 400-pound bench, use reps to bulk up. The sweet spot is the 5-10 range and I reckon numerous guys will back me up on this one. 

Know That Bulking Programs Have Minimal Movements 

The best bulking programs don’t have a lot of movements - I’d say the best have around seven at the most. Maybe eight at the pinch.


Either way, you need to start loving them like a brother. 

Forget Everything Else For Now 

Forget cardio. Forget your six packs. Forget everything except hulking up and developing those 16” bad boy arms. 

If I see you on the treadmill, I swear … 

Get At Least 10 Reps In On The Back Squat 

Yup, there are power lifters that do less than 10. But that’s not you just yet. 

Each time you load the bar on your back, do 10 reps at least. Trust me, it will stimulate your body and give you the time you need.

Plus, it will make you hungrier and ready to eat more (see above).

Get Proper Rest 

For mass building, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to how long you should rest between sets. But I’d say that the magic number for me at least is 3 minutes for your squats and a minute and a half for everything else. 

But it really depends on you and how you feel at the time. 

Get Enough Sleep 

This one should be easy in theory, but how many would-be beasts forgo sleep at the expense of ‘going hard’ for longer? 

Thing is that it’s during sleep when your body properly recovers and your muscles grow. And now that you’re a man on a mission to gain mass fast, you need to get at least 8 hours of zzz’s in per night.

If you’ve got time, take a power nap in the afternoon, too. 


Mass building does depend on various factors, but if you use this article as a starting point and then start to pick your way through the right exercises - which should include the machine back row, the pull-up, the bench press and the back squat - you’ll be well on your way to success. Assess yourself after a few weeks, see where you’re going right and wrong, and keep moving forward. 

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