How And Why Fighters Should Build Muscle

How And Why Fighters Should Build Muscle

UFC has changed the game in some ways. For one thing, it’s taught young combat fighters that they need to start focusing more on resistance training.

In other words, they need to get stronger. 

In the past, fighters would shy away from doing too much strength training, but this was always at a huge cost. If you’re determined to right this wrong, join Beast Gear as we take a look at how and why fighters should build muscle.

Why You Should Build More Muscle as a Fighter 

You’ll Be Armed With More Power 

What fighterdoesn’twant to be stronger and more powerful in the ring/cage? If you’re stronger than your adversary, you’ve already got a huge advantage. 

Just check out some UFC fights. Strength and power wins through. 

Your Chances of a Knockout Increase

The stronger and more powerful you are, the more chances you’ve got of claiming a knockout victory. 

Once again, the videos back me up on this. Watch some replays of a few vicious knockouts, past and present, and you’ll see that knockout specialists are guys who have strength and power on their side. 

Pop over to YouTube and check out Junior Dos Santos.

Improved Takedown Defence 

Are you constantly getting taken down? If so, your defence needs to improve - and building more muscle will make you so formidable that your rivals will struggle to take you down. 

Without enough muscle, you’ll be too light. And when you too light, you’re playing into their hands by making it easy for them to take you the f*** down. 

Less Injuries 

If there’s one thing that frustrates an upcoming, aspiring fighter more than anything it’s the injuries. No one wants to be known as a ‘sick note’ who spends more time on the treatment table than in the cage. 

When you build more muscle, you’re protecting yourself from silly injuries that would otherwise lay you out for a few weeks or months at a time. 

And think about it - is skin gonna have your back when some guy sucker punches in the stomach? No chance. But musclewill

How To Gain More Muscle As A Fighter 

Focus On The Key Areas

You’re a fighter, not a bodybuilder. As such, it’s not essential that you biceps that rival The Terminator. 

Instead, concentrate your efforts on the areas that actually matter. In other words, your shoulders, upper back, core, hips and legs.

Play The Long Game 

If you’re in a hurry to pile on the pounds before a big fight, you will ultimately lose out.

Your body needs time to adjust to all that extra bulk, bro. If you go too fast, you will slow yourself down.

So take your time and play the long game. Be patient. The results will come. 

Watch Out For Ridiculously High Volumes 

We all know that UFC fighters train like madmen, and that even amateurs are guilty of pretty much the same thing. 

And look, I’m not against that kind of dedication, commitment and discipline. Whatever works. 

But I would advise that you watch out for insanely high volume training programs, because you will probably burn out. And that’s not a good thing for anyone.

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