How To Keep Your Hands Up In Boxing

How To Keep Your Hands Up In Boxing

Fed up of your hands dropping in the ring? Sick of getting slammed right on the kisser? 

It’s time to stick ‘em up!

But I get it - keeping your hands up when you’re just not used to it isn’t easy. So how do you do it? 

As Beast Gear explains in this article, it’s actually super-duper simple. 

Tilt Your Upper Body Forward 

Um, yep. That’s all you need to do.

Even better, you only need to tilt it forwardslightly.

“For real?!”

For. Real.

But like I said - the trick is both simple and complicated. And the complicated bit is that this is all about balance.

Just picture yourself leaning back. What happens? Your arms and hands move forwards and droplower so that you balance your upper body better. 

Now picture yourself leaning forward. What happens? Your arms and hands move UP to better balance your upper body.


All you need to do is perch your headever so slightlyahead of your shoulders while keeping your shoulders ever so slightly ahead of your hips. 

When you lean forward, you’re also taking the fight to your opponent by being more aggressive. Just take a moment to watch a video of your favourite boxer. He leans forward with a snarl and gets in his adversaries face. While reaching in and looming over his rival like a goddamn lion, he can go in with the big shots. 

Problem is that less experienced amateurs have a tendency to be more passive, leaning back and making sure their head is at a good distance from their rival. While you’d think this makes you less vulnerable, it makes you more vulnerable by making you look weak. Instead, you have to lean forward and look all imposing. 

Advantages To Leaning Forward 

When you lean forward your chin is protected because it’s your forehead that’s more vulnerable (which is a good thing). You’re also able to generate more speed and reach with both hands, and it’s easier to bob your head to the side in order to avoid an incoming punch. 

When you lean back, on the other hand, your chin is flying through the air, where it’s incredibly vulnerable to an attack. Moreover, your front arm can’t slam a power punch into your opponent, while it’s much easier for him to knock you off balance. 

Potential Disadvantages To Leaning Forward 

Now, I won’t lie to you, leaning forward does make you a bit more vulnerable to an uppercut. But you can avoid getting caught by one of those bad boys by keeping your distance and not leaning too much. 

Another potential disadvantage to leaning forward is that itcould shorten your jabs. That said, this is all about technique. If your jabs are long because you’re leaning backwards, you’ve got it wrong. Instead, they should be long because you’re snapping out a straight arm. 


One final point before I go - look through your eyebrows. If you lean forwardand lift your head up during a fight, you’ll be exposing your chin. So it’s a good idea to get used to looking through your eyebrows during your training sessions as this will give you an added layer of protection. 

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