Wrist Wraps 101 - The What, Why and When

Wrist Wraps 101 - The What, Why and When

What are Wrist Wraps and Why Use Them?

Wrist Wraps are weight lifting accessories with two main purposes: 

  1. To keep your wrists straight and supported - The straighter the wrist the better the lift.
  2. To increase your grip strength – The stronger the grip, the more you can lift.

During pressing exercises like the shoulder press and bench press, the wrist must stay straight. This allows us full transfer of power to the bar, and decreases the risk of injury, particularly to the wrist. When properly wrapped, the wrist will be straight and much less mobile.

The extra tension from Wrist Wraps actually makes the hand close involuntarily,  helping to squeeze the bar harder. Squeezing the bar is essential to generating force.

When to Use Your Wrist Wraps

Wrist Wraps do not need to be used all of the time. As a rule of thumb – wear them for weights over 50% of your 1 Rep Max. You don’t need your Wrist Wraps for warm-up sets below 50% of your 1 Rep Max. Give your wrists a chance to develop their strength on these lighter lifts.

Beast Gear Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps are the number one accessory for weight lifting. Support your wrists and grip and lift heavier than ever!

Wrist Wraps Are Not A Fashion Accessory

The purpose of a wrist wrap is to support the wrist joint.If the wrap sits below the joint, you arebasically wearing a bracelet (although it would be a very badass looking bracelet)Always wrap around the wrist joint to create support and prevent excessive wrist extension.

Beast Gear Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

We’ve developed theultimate heavy duty weight lifting wrist wrap.

Beast Gear Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps provide optimum support for powerlifting, olympic lifting, Crossfit, calisthenic and bodybuilding exercises.

Beast Gear Wrist Wraps are not the standard cotton wraps you can get anywhere…no no…those aren’t good enough, they are too flimsy and unsupportive.

Our Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps are ideal for bench press, shoulder press and Olympic movements (snatch, clean & jerk, push press, overhead squat) etc.We use a specific blend of materials, including premium cotton and elastic, to give the support and flexibility required to smash your lifts.


Wrist Wraps allow you to lift heavier, for more reps, for longer.Nothing replaces a strong grip, or strong wrists – but Wrist Wraps help you to reach your full potential.Giving your wrists extra support, increases your chances of making the lift and getting stronger, and at the same time reduces risk of injury. In short, for heavy lifting – wrist wraps are essential.

Beast Gear Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps are the king of wrapsspecifically developed to offer sturdy, flexible support so you can concentrate on what matters – smashing your lifts.

Add some Beast to your lifting and get yours here.


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