Just Get Started

Just Get Started

Finding it hard to get started with working out? 

Perhaps you made a start a few months ago, but then stopped again. 

I get it - motivation is elusive. The fear of having to do something you might hate, or which will take you out of your comfort zone, or which might even cause you injury, is real. 

And that Nike slogan? Yeah, doesn’talways work, does it? 

Thing is, if you want to be a success at something in life, and if you want to achieve the body you so desire, you have to make that start. 

Beast Gear is with you all the way. Join us as we take a look at how to just get started. 

Understand That You Need To Triple Down On Your Weaknesses

There’s a common saying that we should triple down on our strengths. The problem with this is that it keeps us rooted in our comfort zone. As such, we’re hardly in a position to grow.

The key is to triple down on your weaknesses so that you start to grow and develop properly as a person. Moreover, it’s when you leave your comfort zone that you feel happier.

How? Because every problem you overcome, every result you achieve will make you feel joyous. When you stay rooted in the same comfort zone all the time, you won’t have that same sense of achievement. You won’t achieve anything. 

Do something you hate each day. Take baby steps if you have to. Get used to leaving your comfort zone and overcoming the odds. Each time you face a new fear, you’ll soon get used to the idea of rising up to challenges and overcoming them. 

And once you start seeing results, well, that’s when you’ll really start to feel amazing. 

Forget Motivation - Hone Discipline Instead 

Many of us wait until we’re motivated to make a start. We rely on the spark of motivation to set us off and - be it a reward at the end of the week or a vacation in a months time - to help us take action.

But motivations are temporary. Once you’ve taken that vacation to Barbados, you need a new motivation.

Instead, it’s much better to hone discipline. Discipline is the foundation of success. Indeed, it’s the foundation of the entire human contract. Once you start to hone discipline, once you start seeing working out as yourduty, you won’t need to be motivated again. You’ll be disciplined by the thought that youhave to do this for the sake of your health, your future self and your family. 

Realise That Your Fears Are Based On Speculations

“If I workout, I might get injured.” 

“If I workout, I might not even achieve the body I want anyway. So what’s the point?” 

Do these excuses sound familiar?

And yet many of our fears are groundless.

As Churchill once said, most of the things we spent all our lives worrying about never came true anyway. 

Worrying about something thatmight happen is a losing attitude. It’s much better to focus on the things that can go right as opposed to the things that can go wrong. 


At this point, there’s only one last piece of advice to give you. Just make a start. Start disciplining yourself, start leaving your comfort zone, man. Get used to pain and get used to the results. They will come. Be a man about it. See this as your duty. Do the things ordinary people won’t do. Do this becausethey won’t do it. Be a savage. 

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