Should Kids Lift Weights?

Should Kids Lift Weights?

Want your kid to be a beast? You’re probably wondering it’s safe for them to lift weights. 

After all, do you really wanna bethat parent who tells the other parents at school that your kid lifts? 

The idea of a kid lifting might sound strange to some, but it’s perfectly natural to others. Especially if your kid is getting a tad chubby at the moment and you’d like them to get fitter, healthier and stronger, lifting weights might seem like a viable option.

Beast Gear runs the rule over this one. Join me as I take a look at whether or not kids should lift weights. 

What Do We Mean By Kids Lifting Weights? 

Let’s get one thing clear, we’re not talking about weightlifting or - heck - powerlifting here. Rather, we’re talking about strength training and the importance of your kid getting stronger and fitter. 

If your kid adopts weightlifting or powerlifting, it’s going to put a huge amount of pressure on their young muscles, as well as cartilage and tends that still haven’t yet properly developed. This is not really a good thing.

Instead, there’s no reason why your kid shouldn’t indulge in regular light-resistant strength training that’s focused on their safety and the implementation of proper technique. Your kid should be able to engage in numerous strength training without any worry at all, and indeed strength training is probably a better shot than most other sports for kids.

The Benefits of Strength Training For Kids

I’m a huge advocate of strength training for kids. To answer the original question of this article, I absolutely believe kids should lift weights as long as they’re following proper guidance and implementing the correct technique.

Here are some benefits of strength training for kids:

Stronger Muscles 

Stronger muscles are, of course, the aim of the game here. And with stronger muscles comes the ability todo more. Your child will be in better physical shape, which means they’ll be able to engage in more physical activities at school and at home. No more getting picked last on sports day for them. 

Plus, let’s say your kid wants to be a dancer. Stronger muscles will help them hugely in this pursuit. 

Stronger Bones

Stronger muscles also lead to stronger bones. Double win. 

Healthier Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure

If you want your child to be healthy for years to come, you can prepare them for a better life by introducing them to strength training while they’re young. 

Things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels have increasingly become the norm in the western world, and it leads to more widespread issues as we get older. Not cool. 

Healthier Body Weight

It goes without saying that, the heavier your kid is, the sicker they may get. Obesity is a disaster zone that can cause things like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. 

More Self Esteem

Ask any chubby kid or chubby adult how they feel about themselves after they’ve been strength training for a few weeks and have shed a few pounds.

I’m pretty sure all of them will say they feel alot better about themselves than when they were bulky. 

Strength training gets you in shape so that you look better andfeel better. 


The verdict is simple: If you want what’s best for your kid, you’ll introduce them to weights. 

There are, of course, many reasons any of us start lifting weights. Talk to your child about their personal goals, create a routine that works for them and you, and make sure they’ve got your support.

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