Rest and Recovery For Boxing

Rest and Recovery For Boxing

Beasts rest. That doesn’t mean they’re weak - it means they’re smart. 

Here’s the deal: While boxing training is important it only takes up a small portion of your day - less than 6% if you train for around an hour. 

This means that you’ve got more time to dedicate to rest and recovery, which is why it’s so important that you get it right. 

After all, gains are made when your body is able to rest, repair, heal and grow. If you overdo things, your gains won’t be what you wanted.

In this article, Beast Gear takes a look at the importance of rest and recovery for boxing, as well as how to do it correctly. 

The Advantages of Rest and Recovery For Boxing 

Physical Adaptation 

The reason we train is so that our body and muscles adapt to what we’re asking of them. When we workout, our muscles are broken down before being repaired and then adapted for heavier workloads in the future. 

In other words, our muscles get stronger when they’re given a chance to breathe and deal with what we’ve just hit them with. 

As long as you do the right things during rest and recovery (and eat the right things), your muscles will get all the necessary nutrients that will allow them to come back stronger than ever before. 

If you don’t rest properly, your muscles won’t adapt and you’ll put yourself at greater risk of injury. 

Emotional Wellbeing 

Ever worked so hard at work that you burned out or, at the very least, got so stressed that you hated your job and your whole life? 

It happens when we go hard for too long. Eventually, we can’t take it anymore and we lose all motivation to continue.

It’s the same with working out, where mental burnout is just as real. When you take time off to rest and recover, you’re also renewing yourself emotionally. You’re taking time out to reassess what you’ve just done - where you’ve gone wrong and where you can improve - and you’re allowing yourself some much-needed chill time to get your focus and energy back. 

The upshot of this is that you’ll return feeling more motivated and confident than ever. 

How To Rest and Recover Like a Beast

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can rest and recover the right way so that you enhance your workouts, your mental health and your overall boxing performance. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Think sleep is for there weak? Do me a favour. 

It’s during sleep when our body’s heal and repair damage. Think back to a time you went to bed feeling a bit out of-sorts. Maybe you had an ache, a pain or a sore throat. Chances are, you woke up feeling a lot better! 

This is because our body’s are still working hard while you’re snoozing. They wanna get us back in shape before we go again tomorrow.  

As well as being beneficial for muscle recovery, sleep is also important for hormonal balanceand studies have proven that those who get more sleep are more productive and generally happier than those who don’t get enough.

Afternoon naps work well, too. If you’ve got the time to cram a quick 20 minute dose into your daily schedule, studies have shown that cat naps raise our energy levels and allow us to get more juice out of a single day. 

Stay Hydrated 

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? If the answer is less than five, it’s not enough. 

Many of us don’t drink enough water, but water is the elixir of life - it’s the best way to stay hydrated. 

And when we’re properly hydrated, our body thanks us by performing at optimum levels. 

Hydration is the gas your body needs - its verybasic need that helps it to keep trucking throughout the day. 

Consider buying yourself a reusable water bottle that you can keep filling up as the day goes on. 

Eat Right 

A rest dayisn’t a ‘cheat day.’ On the contrary, it’s still a day where you need to stay focused and disciplined so that you do what it takes to get closer to your goals. It’s just that, instead of working out at the gym, you’re more focused on calmer activities, such as sleeping and eating right. 

Nutrition is key to both physical and mental health. It can decrease inflammation, build muscle, repair tissue, help us to de-stress, improve our circulation and so on and so on.

Make sure to avoid the foods youknow are bad for you - junk food, soda, sugar etc - while getting your fair share of greens, fruit, veg, grains, proteins and legumes. 

Drink well, too. One or two glasses of alcohol now and then are okay but everything should be done in moderation. Remember, beasts look after their bodies and they’revery careful regarding what they consume. 


Stretching doesn’t need to be reserved for the gym. You can totally do it on a rest day, too. 

Stretch allows you to keep moving without feeling the pinchtoo much. Of course, a bit of pain just part of the process, but regular stretching exercises on your ‘days off’ will help your muscles stay so warm that they remain flexible and (relatively) pain-free. 

Stretching will also help you stay mobile on your days off so that you can actually walk, as opposed to having to lie on the sofa all day! 


Meditation isn’t for everyone, but a lot of people who say it isn’t for them probably haven’t tried it.

Is it worth a shot? You bet it is. Meditation can help decrease depression, emotional instability, and anxiety while improving your focus, energy levels and even your immune system. It can also make you more creative! 

You don’t even need to dedicate too much time to it - just 15 minutes per day will do. 


Burnout is rubbish. It isn’t sexy, it doesn’t make you look tough - it just messes you up, physically and mentally. Use the tips in this article to rest and recover the right way so that you’re able to bounce back from each workout bigger, stronger and better than ever.

And, yes, beasts meditate.  

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