Skipping - The Heavy Weight Champion of Fat Loss

Skipping is the ultimate fat loss training method. Skipping is easy, safe cheap and effective. With the Beast Rope by Beast Gear you'll have the best speed skipping rope and be blasting fat like a champ


That’s for children isn’t it? The only adults who skip are professional boxers aren’t they?

Well, I used to feel that way – and then I discovered that actually, skipping rocks!

Skipping is the simple, quick method that anyone (including YOU) can use to start burning fat, fast. And the best thing is you can do it anywhere  – at home, at the gym, in a hotel room!

Why skipping is the heavyweight champion of fat loss exercises

  1. It’s easy

Skipping is ridiculously easy. Grab your skipping rope, and skip. Yes, it may take a little while to find your rhythm, but once you do – it becomes second nature, and really fun!
  1. It burns loads of calories

Skipping is one of the most efficient types of exercise for burning calories. Of course, it depends on your body weight, and how hard you work out – but skipping at a moderate to high pace will burn between 600 and over 1,000 calories per hour depending on if you are smaller or larger (American College of Sports Medicine).

Skipping involves the whole body, and more muscles, so burns more calories. Not only that, it can add definition to the calves and shoulders, which work hard.

  1. It’s varied and fun.

Unlike running, which some people find tedious, there are loads of ways to make skipping varied – either with tricks and skills, or with types of workout

We’ve written about workouts and skills here and our Beast Rope (the fastest, smoothest skipping rope around) comes with a free cheat sheet.

  1. It’s less injury-prone than running and can help prevent osteoporosis

Skipping benefits from being both a low-impact exercise, and still having an impact

Skipping has less impact on the joints than activities like running, which research from the Scandinavian Physiological Society shows has impact forces 2.5x that of walking, causing stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles ankles.

Because you only jump a few inches, you get the cardiovascular benefits, without the risk of injury.

On the other hand – skipping still has an impact – which means you get the bonus of the impact benefits, such has helping to prevent osteoporosis.

Improve a wide range of skills, including explosive strength, stamina and speed
    Skipping will improve:
    • Coordination,
    • Cardio-vascular conditioning,
    • Speed,
    • Agility

    These benefits transfer to almost all sports. Who doesn’t want to be more agile, faster, better conditioned?

    How to get started

    Skipping is an awesome way to get fit, lose fat and go from obese to beast!

    It’s easy, fun and great value. There really is no reason not to skip.

    Getting started with skipping is easy. All you need is a high quality skipping rope. Really, it needs to be a speed rope, it needs to be lightweight, strong, and fast.

    Luckily, we have the best tool for the job: The Beast Rope is the fastest, smoothest, most efficient speed skipping rope around.

    As used and recommended by WBO Intercontinental Boxing Champion Ben 'Duracell' Jones - the Beast Rope is the GOLD STANDARD speed skipping rope.

    The Beast Rope is the best speed skipping rope for double udners, fat loss, crossfit, boxing and mma training

    So grab yourself a Beast Rope here – it even comes with a free guide on the basics of skipping and learning skills like double unders.


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