The 6 Commandments of Strength

The 6 Commandments of Strength

Yeah, the 10 Commandments were pretty good. But you know why Moses was able to hold that big ass stone with his bare hands? Because he wasstrong

Whether you’re new to lifting, or whether you’ve been in the game long enough to call yourself “seasoned,” it never hurts to digest new knowledge that helps you to level up. The pursuit of muscle is a noble one that should be done correctly. 

In this article, Beast Gear walks you through the 6 commandments of strength. 

Use the Best Resources 

Are you a fan of Men’s Health? Iwas. But in all honesty, it’s for kids. 

The absolute best thing to do is to find the most trustworthy sources of information - elite coaches especially - and take it all in. Attend seminars, track down the best podcasts and listen only to the experts. Don’t be afraid to splash the cash on advanced courses. You won’t regret it.

Work Alongside Good Guys and Girls 

It always pays to work alongside people you trust and actually like. 

You want to work alongside the kind of people who you can walk up to and pop a question and get some genuine advice. 

Mentors are helpful. They’ve been there, done it and they understand the situation you’re in right now. 

Of course, this has to be a two-sided relationship. If they’re going to give you their time, you’ve got to give them something back in return. 

Commit To Something 

I’ve seen guys start a new program before quitting it and trying something else just a few days later. 

They bounce around from one program to another faster than Sonic. 

The best thing to do is to pick a program and commit to it for at least a month. Give it a chance. Give yourself a chance. Be disciplined. Remember, success isn’t an overnight thing. Gains take time. 

Moreover, what can you really learn from a program if you quit it so soon? 

Follow the Right People 

If you’re an ectomorph and you decide to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger by adopting his diet and fitness program, it won’t work. 

You have to follow people who are like you. If you’re a natural trainer, find natural trainers, but also make sure they’re on your level. 

Challenge Yourself All The Time 

Let’s say you workout each day for 30 minutes because you “know” this is your maximum. If you go over by a minute, you might do some damage. Or, you’ll at least feel the burn too much.

Try it, though. See what your true potential is. Don’t overextend yourself but go thatbit further each time. You’ll soon realize that it’s a mind over matter thing. You can do what you think you can do. 

Get Some Rest 

“And on the seventh day, God rested.”

Without rest, your body will pack up and you’ll do yourself an injury. Not just that, but it’s during rest periods when your muscles get stronger and bigger. It’s also a period when tissues heal. 

It’s a smart idea to work out for 2-4 days and then rest for 2 days. Go hard when you have to but go easy when you have to. 


These are the 6 commandments of strength. 

Well, there’s actually a seventh that I didn’t tell you about and it goes like this: 

Get your ass off your phone and go forth and workout like a beast!

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