7 Vital Lessons CrossFitters Must Learn

7 Vital Lessons CrossFitters Must Learn

Crossfit can be a fantastic sport that improves you physically and mentally. But if done wrong, it can also cause you to plateau and (thankfully more rare) it can also break you a bit.

Because, boy, CrossFit can be tough. Real tough. 

The good news is that Beast Gear knows a thing or two about CrossFit, and we’re here to share with you 7 vital lessons all cross-fitters must learn. 

Your Body Communicates To You - Listen To It 

Your body is always in dialogue with you, and when it’s telling you to take a break during training, well, you’ve gotta take that break. 

I know that can be tough to hear. You want to keep going, pushing yourself further and further. But when your body is genuinely creaking and moaning, it’s time to listen to it and down tools for a few days. 

Being able to listen to your body and get some rest and recuperation is part of what being a beast is all about.

Share Your Goals 

I always think it’s a good idea to share goals with others. While some say that you should shut your mouth and share only results, a lot of people struggle to achieve their goals if there’s no one to hold themselves accountable to. If this sounds like you, don’t be afraid to share your CrossFit goals with your mates on social media.

Or, why not team up with a buddy and smash some goals together?

Create a Schedule 

If you hammer away at CrossFit for the first time and find that you’re either exhausted, ready to give up, or just plateauing, it’s always a good idea to create a schedule and stick to it.


Don’t let your training program became erratic so that you don’t know what’s happening from day to day. Schedule it, program it and track your progress.

Don’t Get Disheartened 

It’s become a bit of a cliche to say ‘trust the process’ these days, but when it comes to CrossFit training, you really do have to trust the process.

Why? Because progress can be so slow that it’s easy to get disheartened and quit. 

Accept that progress will come in small incremental steps. Deal with that and keep moving forward. 

Look After Yourself 

Crossfit is holistic, and as such it requires that you take care of your mind and body. If you don’t, you’ll learn the hard way that CrossFit can bum you out.

I recommend eating and drinking right, but I also recommend that you dabble with yoga and meditation to help you along the way. 

Set Long Term Goals 

Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to plan for the long term? Crossfit will soon drum into you that you need to start setting clear long-term targets. 

It’s not too hard to do. Set a yearly goal, and then set weekly and monthly goals that will help you achieve that overriding goal. 

You Won’t Always Feel Like a Beast

Are you type who goes hard all the damn time? 

I used to be that way too. But CrossFit doesn’t allow that.

Well, not unless you’re a goddamn Marine, I guess.

Crossfit doesn’t require you to go at it 100% all the time. That’s impossible and will only cause stress, injury, and burnout. 

While it’s true that you should get used to discomfort, too much can be a real hindrance. Instead, out the quality before quantity. Train smarter, not harder. Don’t overdo it. Go easier on yourself.


Crossfit has some really sweet benefits for anyone who takes it up. Bear these lessons in mind as you level up and remember that it’s not always about who gets to the finish line first. As long as you get there, you’re doing great. 

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