The Benefits of Olympic Lifting

The Benefits of Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting.

Heard of it?

Back in the day - and by ‘day’ I mean ancient Greece - Olympic lifting was the original breakfast of champions for Spartan warriors who held competitions to see who could lift the heaviest weight. The ancient Egyptians followed suit, as men attempted to outdo even the gods.

In more recent years, Olympic lifting was the go-to training program of the Eastern European beasts that lurked behind the shadowy Iron Curtain, while it’s been an Olympic sport for men since 1896, and for women since 2000.

It’s a full-body workout that’s pretty mean - but awesome - stuff. If you think you’re cut out for it, join Beast Gear as we take a look at the benefits of Olympic lifting. 

Improved Control and Skill

Olympic lifting is a lot more technical than deadlifting. There are two kinds of lifts: 

The clean and jerk 

The snatch 

For the snatch, you need to lift the heaviest barbell possible above your head in a continuous motion from the ground.

For the clean and jerk, you first lift the barbell up from the floor to your shoulder, and then raise it to a stationary position above your head, before finishing with straight legs and arms. 

Both lifts are technically demanding, requiring total concentration from you, as well as flexibility and coordination. The end result is that your motor skills will improve. 

Improved Physique 

As long as you combine Olympic lifting with eating the right foods and following the proper recovery program, your physique will improve immeasurably. 

See, Olympic lifting by itself isn’t enough to improve your body aesthetically. Olympic lifting is all about control and power. To boost your physique, you also need to perform hypertrophy exercises, too. 

But the great thing is that Olympic lifting will motivate you to do other things, such as take better care of your diet. 

Less Injuries 

If you hate the thought of working out and suffering injuries as a result, try Olympic lifting. Because it’s so controlled, and because you (should) have an experienced coach by your side, injuries are rare. 

Improved Athleticism 

Olympic lifting is a game-changer when it comes to your fitness and strength levels. It’s more demanding than the shoulder press, the deadlift and squats, and it’s unrivalled when it comes to developing muscle and strength. It’s rapid - you go up to down super fast, which means that your nervous system is firing on all cylinders faster than a machine gun. 

Indeed, the amount of mobility and core strength that it boosts means you’ll find that your vertical leap improves incredibly. This is definitely the case for competitive Olympic lifters. 

Moreover, the speed at which Olympic lifting demands you work means that you’re recruiting every single ultra-fast-twitch muscle fibre. This means you’ll find that you can sprint faster than ever, too. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at Olympic lifters. They have the body of a sprinter. And that’s because Olympic lifting doesn’t actually make you bulky - it makes you leaner if anything. 


Olympic lifting is a great way to get fitter, stronger, more athletic,and it trims your body fat percentage like nothing else. It doesn’t force your muscles to grow like body building but should be your new weapon if you want to improve your speed, flexibility, strength and overall athleticism. 

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