Training For Your Body Type

Training For Your Body Type

The type of body you were born with will decide how you train so that you’re always maximising your time in the gym. There are three main body types: 

  • Ectomorph 
  • Endomorph 
  • Mesomorph

In this article, Beast Gear runs the rule over all three so that you’re able to put together a programme that suits you best. 

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Let’s begin with …

The Ectomorph 

The ectomorph is the perennially skinny person who we’re all jealous off as we get older. He seems to eat double his body weight each day yet never piles on the pounds. Instead, he’s a lean machine for life. If this is you - kudos. 

Of course, ectomorph’s aren’t alwaysthat happy themselves because they’ve got a huge problem: They find it hard to gain muscle mass. 

Here are some training tips for the ectomorph body type:

  • Train heavily but go slowly
  • Take long rests between sets for proper recovery 
  • Don’t train all the time (we’re not letting you off the hook completely, but you don’tneed to do more than 3 days a week) 
  • Eat more than you normally do 
  • Refrain from intense cardio 

The Mesomorph 

The mesomorph is basically the ideal. When you think of all the best bodybuilders, they pretty much had a mesomorph body type with narrow hips and wide clavicles. They also had big enough joints so that they could support large muscle mass.

If you’ve got a mesomorph body type, here are some training tips: 

  • Do strength training as much as you can
  • Don’t overdo things with heavy weights
  • Stick to a moderate pace 
  • Keep your rest periods between sets fairly short 
  • Do cardio moderately 
  • Be consistent with your training 

The Endomorph 

The endomorph has the slowest metabolism out of all the three body types. Unfortunately, guys who have an endomorph body type store fat more than average and tire easier. They also have a pretty voracious appetite and generally find it hard to lose weight. 

All is not lost, though. With the right training program in place, endomorph’s can reach their fitness, health and strength goals. The pressure is on, however, to burn all that fat. 

Here are some training tips for endomorphs:

  • Do more cardio than usual 
  • Combine cardio with weight training to burn as much fat as possible 
  • Go hard and go consistent. As an endomorph, there’s more work to be done to get the results you crave
  • Mix things up with martial arts. Martial arts will break your routine, thus keeping your body on its toes 
  • Stay active as much as you can. When possible, walk to the grocery store and leave the car at home. Take the stairs 


In summary, no body type will have it easy when it comes to their training regime. While ectomorph’s definitely don’t need to train as hard as ectomorph’s, and while they can take longer rest periods, there’s still work to be done andany workout is going to be demanding. After all, if you start to slack, you won’t see the gains you’re looking for. 

Whatever your body type, make sure to set some goals and put the work in that will bring you closer to them each week.

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