The Importance of Using Boxing Knuckle Guards

The Importance of Using Boxing Knuckle Guards

Tired of painful knuckles? Looking for extra padding in your gloves? Sounds like you need a knuckle guard.

When it comes to boxing or any type of combat sport, you need all the knuckle protection you can get. If you’re a serious fighter who wants to go places, you need to wrap your hands … but you also need to add extra protection in the form of knuckle guards. Not only will this give you a competitive edge, but it will also stop your knuckles from breaking down mid-session.

In this article, we take a look at the importance of knuckle guards and why you need to use them.

Why Your Knuckles Need Protection

Boxer’s fracture is the most common type of fracture for boxer’s, and it occurs in the metacarpal bones that connect your ring finger to your wrist. The symptoms include pain and tenderness, and you also might find that it’s difficult to move your hand or fingers.

Your hand may swell too, turn a weird colour, and you might notice bruising and deformity. Not cool,notattractive, and it will put you out of action for a while. Less fighting and more daytime TV for you, bud.

Even if you haven’t suffered a boxer’s fracture, there’s still the very real possibility that other types of damage to your knuckles will put you out of action for a while.

Check this guy out. 6 weeks prior to writing this post, he injured his second knuckle “doing heavy bag and pad work.” Since then, he finds it hard to throw a few punches without his knuckles hurting and going stiff.

As a combatant, your knuckles are your offense and your defense, and they’re pretty damn vulnerable. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect them, you run the risk of inflicting nerve damage on yourself - just like that dude.

Why You Need Gloves, Wraps - And Knuckle Guards

As any combatant will tell you, throwing punches hurts. I’ve been there - we all have.

And the thing is when you first start sparring you think you can get through the pain and that gloves and hand wraps are all you need.

Eventually, though, your health must come first. Instead of inflicting serious damage on your hand and coming out of a sparring session wincing in pain, you instead want all the knuckle protection you can get.

Gloves help to prevent carpal fractures, which is the most common fracture for boxers. But gloves are just the start of things. You need to double down with hand wraps that add another layer of protection to your hand so that you can throw punches with more freedom and less fear of getting hurt.

Knuckle guards offer even more protection without restricting your freedom of movement. Once you start using knuckle guards, it’s like you can’t even hit the bagtoo hard.

If you punch on a regular basis, and if you aren’t a pussy and punchhard, your knuckles will hurt. Knuckle guards offer that third layer of protection that stop you from complaining about sore knuckles and which allow you to go harder.

So What Are Knuckle Guards Exactly, Who Needs ‘Em And What Should I Be Looking For?

Knuckle guards, knuckle pads - call ‘em what you want - don’tseem like a lot when you look at them. But, in short, they’re the absolute bomb.

With gel making up their inner padding, their aim is to combine with gloves and hand wraps to provide you withmaximum protectionduring combat. They absorb shocks from punching, reduce injury, and allow you to strike with more venom. Even if you’re not sparring but just punching bags at home, they should still be a key part of your armory from now on.

Anyone who plays combat sport, be it boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or any kind of martial arts, will benefit from pads as they add a vital layer of protection to your knuckles, fingers, and hands.

When shopping around for guards, it’s always a good idea to go for premium knuckle guards, like these from Beast Gear [insert link]. These bad boys fit with total comfort and are designed to complement your other kit - your hand wraps and gloves, for example.

All you need to do is take your pads, slip them on and wrap your hands over the top. And then boom! You’re free to train and fight harder.

Not only this, but knuckle pads can also improve the padding life of your gloves.

As a warning, if you’ve been suffering from knuckle pain recently, you might find that you still feel a bit of a sting even after you’ve started wearing your knuckle pads. That’s normal, though you should immediately notice that your hands are more mobile. Over time, the pain will decrease when you hit the bag and, moreover, you’ll avoid acute injuries.

It might also take a few attempts before you get the positioning of your pads just right so that they offer maximum protection. Again, shopping for premium pads that are designed to fit comfortably and stay stable is a smart move.


All in all, if you do combat sports and want to excel, you need to look after your hands. They are your prime weapon and your shield. Triple down with gloves, wraps and knuckle guards and you’ll be A-okay. No more swollen hands, no more pain - just more wins.

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