Thick Bar Training – The Secret Weapon for Fighters

April 05, 2017

Thick Bar Training – The Secret Weapon for Fighters

You may be familiar with thick bar training. If not, it’s exactly as it sounds – training with thicker barbells and dumbbells.

Thick bar training is generally associated with body building, power lifting and strength training. 

However, our boxing and MMA partner athletes have had awesome results incorporating thick bar training into their fight preparations.

Using our Beast Grips – which make any bar thicker -  our athletes added a new dimension to their training, with several benefits.

Beast Grips are perfect for boxers, MMA fighters and martial artists to improve forearm, grip wrist, elbow and shoulder strength and stability. Get stronger, punch harder and prevent injuries

  1. Beast Grips activate more muscles in the wrists, elbows and shoulder.
    • Build stronger and more stable wrists, elbows and shoulders meaning harder punches and injury proof joints.
  2. Beast Grips imitate the body handles of your opponent – such as ankles and wrists. Standard bars are too thin for this purpose.
    • Grab your opponent with a vice-like grip

The boxers at Assassin Promotions especially have been reaping the rewards from using Beast Grips.

Here’s Ben 'Duracell' Jones shadow boxing with Beast Grips on a set of dumbbells. By using Beast Grips his hands, forearms and shoulder are working harder and getting stronger.

Jake Best has been getting in on the act as well:

Here’s Jake Best again with an awesome core training variation. He’s attached a Beast Grip to a resistance band and combined a row with a side plank. This has an awesome core training effect. He’s improving the stability of his grounded shoulder, while working his grip, forearm, upper back and shoulder strength in the rowing side. What a combination!

The versatility of Beast Grips is never ending. We love them for chin-ups, barbells rows, deadlifts, cable face-pulls, bench press, shoulder press. You name it – we Beast it!

Head over to the Beast Grips page and grab yours.


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